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Home Free: Why 360 and Wii Owners Should Root for PS3’s Home 50°
February 26, 2008 // 8:34 pm - Although all three consoles of this generation offer online play, originally Microsoft stood alone in it's decision to charge Xbox gamers for the ability to join their friends in online multi-player matches.

Recently this trend has continued with the announcement of Wii Pay & Playthat will similarly charge gamers an as-of-yet-undisclosed fee to take particular Wii titles online. The PlayStation 3 stands alone as the only console that gamers are not asked to pony up any dough whatsoever for online multi-player support.

At present, Microsoft feels confident that the market...


Sony's first upgradable Blu-Ray deck 50°
February 26, 2008 // 8:33 pm - There have been a lot of problems with Blu-Ray. The first players lacked network connections, and didn't have local storage, but the latest player solves both those problems, adding a full 1GB of storage and a wired Ethernet port.

The BDP-S550 also packs the latest BonusView technology, letting it show picture-in-picture features on the latest Blu-Ray discs.

There's also onboard decoding for HTS-HD High Resolution and Master Audio streams too, making it pump out 7.1 surround sound in better quality than any Sony box before it.

What's really got us excited,...


New Details on 360 Failure Rates Report 250°
February 26, 2008 // 8:33 pm - A few weeks ago we reported that warranty service SquareTrade had compiled its console system warranties to arrive at a 16.4% failure rate for Xbox 360 systems.

Today, we've got more details on the statistical breakdown. Put on your pocket protectors, kids: it's time for some math.

The actual breakdown is 171 claims out of sample size of 1040 purchased warranties.

The sample consisted mostly of Premium units, which taken on their own had a slightly higher 17% failure rate. As previously reported, 60% of the failures were the famed Red Ring, but various...


Resistance 2 like you’ve never seen it before 50°
February 26, 2008 // 8:32 pm - Here's a little bit of delicious eye candy for all you Resistance fans - Resistance 2 screenshots in extreme size. And by extreme size I mean extreme size - ~5,000px times ~3,000px. We also have them available in 10,000px x 5,000px, know...that would be ridiculous.

Brace yourself though, these images reveal that the game doesn't look quite as good as previously thought. The images we've seen so far are obviously smaller versions of the same shots, and when resizing images this huge, the visual flaws tend to get hidden up pretty well.

Update / Ok, a lot of people...


Twilight Princess exploit leads to explosion of Wii hacks 50°
February 25, 2008 // 8:28 pm - Hacking your Wii to play Pong is one thing, but the recently-revealed Twilight Princess exploit allows all sorts of unsigned code to run natively on the Wii.

Homebrew developers are already starting to take advantage, releasing a bunch of interesting and/or useful unauthorized programs for Nintendo's little white box. Among them:

- Linux for Wii - Coming next: Linux on your toaster
- MP3 player - Just in case you don't like the crappy one included in the Photo Channel.
- SNES emulator - Who needs the Virtual Console when you can just steal ROMs of your fave...


Complete Interview - What's to Come for Xbox 360 200°
February 25, 2008 // 8:27 pm - We know, right now half of you are scratching your heads wondering "who the hell is John Schappert?"

He's the new Peter Moore, minus the tats, facial hair and accent.

Michael McWhertor and Brian Crecente got to sit and talk to him about what's to come from Xbox 360, LIVE and all sorts of stuff like that.

This isn't some 2-minute clip, so make sure to dim the lights and pour yourself a glass of wine before partaking. The satin robe is optional.

The complete Interview video can be seen here!


Electronic Arts hires Morgan Stanley to do its bidding 50°
February 25, 2008 // 8:23 pm - Morgan Stanley is the banker representing Electronic Arts in its unsolicited buyout bid for rival game publisher Take-Two, the investment bank confirmed Monday.

While that news alone is no big deal, consider this: Morgan Stanley is also representing Microsoft in its unsolicited buyout offer for Yahoo, which was announced a mere 25 days ago.

That's two megabillion-dollar buyout bids the premier investment banking firm has agreed to handle in the past month. And both have the potential to get mean and nasty, should the target companies kick and scream all the way to the...


PlayStation bounces back - PS3! 50°
February 25, 2008 // 8:22 pm - It was hard not to spot the optimism beaming from both Sony execs and developers about the future at the Game Developers Conference last week.

The concerns and hushed whispers at last year's GDC about whether Sony had made fatal errors with the platform's launch have given way to positivity.

Sony's Phil Harrison, head of worldwide studios, looked relaxed when I spoke with him on Thursday, although that may have been more to do with the fact he was not giving a keynote this year and was able to enjoy some of the sessions.

I had spoken to Mark Rein, of Epic,...


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