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Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Review

Ratchet & Clank Future: Tools of Destruction Review 50°
384w ago - A lack of reasons for PS2 owners to upgrade to the more expensive PS3 is often said to be why Sony's latest console isn't performing as well as everyone predicted. Big name Sony franchises simply haven't been appearing on the PlayStation 3 as regularly as we all thought they would, with Sony focussing on new properties such as Resistance, Heavenly Sword and Motorstorm. Insomniac looks to be putting things right with its second PS3 exclusive, Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction. Should PS2 owners be thinking about trading in their aging console?

The first thing to hit you when you start the game is how good it looks. Every new console brings about the same old discussion over if game graphics will ever catch up with CG movies, and Tools of Destruction is perhaps the best example yet. It would be foolish to even suggest that the game is approaching Pixar quality visually, but the characters and game world are among the most visually impressive I've ever seen in a video game. Everything is curved, smooth and beautifully animated, giving the game the look of a CG movie, even if it isn't technically as impressive.

After ten minutes or so, when your real neck starts to ache from all the virtual looking around you've been doing (yes, there's a tonne of stuff flying around all the time) what really matters is...

Turok Blowout

Turok Blowout 50°
384w ago - New multiplayer tidbits, demo info, movies, screens and dinos.

Oh, do we have dinosaur news for you. The folks behind Turok -- a fresh start for the FPS franchise that's scheduled to ship in February -- stopped into the IGN offices the other day to show some new beasts and weapons, but that was just the beginning of their goody bag.

The biggest announcement for you, crazed-Turok fan: a demo is coming.

Yes, if you plunk down $5 at your local GameStop in the early part of November, you'll preorder the game, get a Turok T-shirt and walk away with a 30-minute Xbox 360 demo of the upcoming title. Have you already preordered it? Your store should be holding your demo and shirt. No GameStop around? You can grab the demo at Best Buy in December.

Although the final game will feature three difficulty levels, the demo will be locked on normal and take place during the first quarter of the game -- although it won't reveal the game's opening. If you can't wait to see what's on the disc, check out IGN's hands-on report Monday, October 29.

But don't think you have to wait a full week for big news; during our meeting, Josh Holmes, vice president and general manager of Propaganda Games, gave us the first solid details about the game's multiplayer mode during his visit. Sure, we've...

Next firmware update to improve music playback -- but how?

Next firmware update to improve music playback -- but how? 50°
384w ago - Brier Dudley from The Seattle Times is loving the PS3. Not as a games machine, but as an affordable media center. At $399, the upcoming 40GB PS3 will be one of the most affordable and most advanced Blu-ray players around. With its ability to play music, showcase photos, display movies, and more, the PS3 has a great chance of targeting the media savvy with its newer, cheaper model.

Sony will continue to expand upon the media functions of the PS3. According to the report, "within a month, a software upgrade will improve the PS3's interface for music stored and played through the system." However, we don't have any further specifics. Patrick Seybold from SCEA emphasizes that "we haven't made any specific announcements on upcoming firmware." Could enhanced music be a part of the now-mystical 2.0 firmware update?

It will be interesting to see what Sony plans to offer the media hungry in America. While Europe gets PVR capabilities, America has been left out. But, it appears that something will be in the works soon. "Some of that same functionality are things that we're working on here," Peter Dille, senior vice president of marketing at Sony Computer Entertainment America, told the newspaper.

The PlayStation 3 Strikes Back

The PlayStation 3 Strikes Back 100°
384w ago - Console price cut leads to near-tripling of sales in the UK.

Simple economics says that when you bring the price of something down, as long as the demand is there, more people will buy it, and that's been proven true by Sony as sales of the PlayStation 3 have jumped after a price cut on the console last week.

On 10 October Sony introduced the £299 40 GB PS3 and simultaneously dropped the price of the 60 GB model to £349. Almost immediately sales rose, by nearly 178 per cent according to figures from Chart reported by MCV.

The influx of new PS3 owners had an effect on game sales too, with three exclusive games - Heavenly Sword, MotorStorm and Resistance: Fall Of Man - storming back up the charts.

More PS3 were sold last week than at any time since two weeks after launch, MCV said. That's quite a turnaround for a console that a month ago had its worst sales week ever.

Exactly which of the two versions of the hardware is responsible for the biggest part of the sales rise is unclear and Sony did not comment on the matter.

The 40 GB PS3 has come in for some criticism because it lacks any support for PlayStation 2 games, though software for the original PlayStation will still work.

The big question now for Sony is whether this the start of...

Devil May Cry 4 has "emo" hero, release date set

Devil May Cry 4 has 50°
385w ago - Capcom's press site has alerted us to some updated information regarding Devil May Cry 4 and, seeing how we're kind spirits and all, thought we'd forward the information to you. A lot of it is rehashed info, so we'll cut through that recycled garbage (oxymoron?) and deliver you the news you want to know.

Appearances by Trish, Lady, Dante, and pretty much the entire DMC cast ensemble are to be expected. Nero is described by Capcom as "cynical and prefers being a lone wolf, often labeled emo." That made us giggle a little bit. But probably the most important slice of information is a solid release date scheduled by Capcom -- a street date of February 2008 has been set. We'll have some more DMC4 news for you in a little bit, so don't worry, fans of the franchise, more news is coming.

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