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The Future of PlayStation 3

The Future of PlayStation 3 500°
341w ago - Ten years, the life span of the PlayStation 3. Sony has promised to make a future proof console, but how can it live that long? How can they continue delivering amazing games? Within 3-4 years we can be seeing a Xbox 720 and a Wii 2. Will Sony continue supporting the PS3? I believe so.

Sony is now hitting the tip of the iceberg with its hit games coming out, such as Resistance 2, LittleBigPlanet, and Killzone 2. Can it keep its momentum?

Yes, Sony can keep the momentum moving by the PSN store. It's incredible how just a few years ago we would never have seen this coming. The PSN store, where you can download full games, demos, trailers, wallpapers, PSP games, and more. You can now even download and rent movies and TV shows. In a few years from now, what can we expect to see on the PSN store? Whatever it maybe, I am sure it's going to make us realize the true potential of the PlayStation.

The PSN store is one main reason to look forward to the future, but that's not all. We also have Home, the online community, coming out this year. Imagine 2 - 3 years from now, Home will become its own world. Everyone having their own houses and apartments.

People will be headed to the movie theater together. Users watching TV together and sharing music through their in game stereo systems....

Uncrackable Lock found, the end for future hackers?

Uncrackable Lock found, the end for future hackers? 300°
343w ago - Reports are circulating that a quantum cryptographic chip that uses light particles to encrypt data during electronic transfer could throw off hackers once and for all.

To quote: Imagine an encrypted data chip so secure that even the greatest hackers in history would find impossible to crack. That chip is very much a reality thanks to the combined efforts of Siemens, Austrian Research Centers (ARC) and Graz University of Technology who have teamed up to create the first quantum cryptology chip for commercial use to ensure securer electronic communication.

The lock protects data using a random sequence of numbers from light particles. At the moment, data is protected using a key distribution system based on mathematical algorithms. But, with enough time and effort, those algorithms can be cracked. The quantum cryptographic light lock, on the other hand, takes advantage of the laws of nature by using photons–individual light particles–to create completely random codes through an optical array.

When these codes are transferred to the receiving end through fiber-optic cables, it waits till it is verified through communication partners before creating a fail-safe key. The chip has also been designed in such a way that it can detect anyone trying to tap into the information while its generating...

Rumor: Phoenix is Code Name for the Future Xbox Prototype

Rumor: Phoenix is Code Name for the Future Xbox Prototype 50°
346w ago - According to our sources, Microsoft has already put a code name on its future Xbox prototype for the developers: it's Phoenix.

We still don't have any technical specs for the moment, but the Phoenix is said to be a real evolution compared to the Xbox 360.

Apparently, some studios in North of America have already begun projects on this prototype.

We hope to learn more about this soon!

Burnout Paradise Getting Retroactive Trophies in Future Update

Burnout Paradise Getting Retroactive Trophies in Future Update 50°
348w ago - In a post on the official PlayStation Blog linked above, Criterion Games designer Simon Phillips confirmed that Burnout Paradise will support PS3's upcoming achievement-like trophy system in a future update after Cagney hits on July 10.

Reassuringly, Phillips clarified that trophy support in Paradise will indeed be retroactive, due to the fact that saves for the title are locked specifically to a single PSN ID.

Any progress you've made in the game will be reflected in your trophy list as soon as the update goes live.

To quote: We're about to hit the third FREE update on July 10th (Codenamed 'Cagney') The first update (1.1) was a bunch of quick fixes and improvements, the second (Codenamed 'Bogart') had more minor improvements and tweaks.

If you're logged into PlayStation Network and you boot up Burnout Paradise, it will automatically download any updates that are out there. To test if you have them all today - just load up the game and go into an online game.

Codename: Cagney is an entirely new thing though - a free pack full of game changing content, that sets the precedent for future updates: new game modes, vehicles and a new Live Page that will show you details of upcoming calendar events and news from http://www.criteriongames.com.

The Shady Future of PSP - It's Always Darkest Just Before Dawn

The Shady Future of PSP - It's Always Darkest Just Before Dawn 50°
350w ago - Takeru Kobayashi is no giant. According to Wikipedia, he's just another day at the office for the average measuring tape, coming in at only 5 ft. 8 in. tall. Neither does the scale fear his presence, as he weighs a fairly muscular 191 lbs.

If you saw this man out for a stroll among the hustle and bustle of the streets, would you believe he could wolf down 63 hot dogs in 12 minutes? Would you believe he won Nathan's (no relation) Hot Dog Eating Contest six years in a row? Of course not. You'd never expect him to be the Jaws of hotdog lore.

Well guess what: the PSP is exactly like Takeru Kobayashi. It's no sales behemoth. Only marquee titles from its library make it onto the NPD's vaunted top-ten software sales list. You'd never guess that it's doing great, but in spite of your doubts, it is.

See, even though we wrote about the PSP's sudden drought of top-selling titles, it hasn't rained in years. That is to say, the PSP has never been one for chart-busting game sales, but that hasn't stopped it yet. And Sony understands this. They've noted its change in primary audience and are ready to embrace it.

Unlike the Xbox 360 and PS3, which both frequently tout their multimedia capabilities, the PSP really is becoming a...

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