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Review: Crysis Warhead 50°
346w ago - Not quite a full fledged sequel but never feeling like a tacked on expansion pack, Crysis Warhead finds the perfect balance for fans of the first installment all the while adding just enough new material to keep new recruits interested.

BOTTOM LINE: If you're a fan of the original or if you simply missed Crysis the first time around, Crysis Warhead is a prime example of an excellent, if relatively short, FPS experience.


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Review: Xbox 360 Arcade a good deal for $199 50°
349w ago - Ever since launch, the Xbox 360 core model without hard drive has largely been written off by gamers -- and rightfully so. It lacks many of the attractive advantages of its older brothers, not to mention value for what's included in the box. (Most core models can't even save games without separate purchase!)

But all that's about to change with the upcoming $80 price cut of the latest Arcade bundle (September 7, according to retailers),...

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VGC: The Review System is Broken and GTA Proves It 50°
352w ago - As many VGC forum-goers have been discussing with great exposition lately, there are many of us who feel as if the reviewing segment of our hobby has gone completely awry over the past few years. In my ever-so humble opinion, when it comes right down to it, I question whether it was any good from the outset.

Many of us grew up with gaming but unfortunately, in many ways, gaming hasn't grown up with us. We're still the purchasers...

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CoD 4 Fast Reload Trigger And Rapid Fire Review 50°
355w ago - Are you a fan or veteran of battle/war games? For the most of us the answer is probably yes and if so I'm sure you probably have Call of Duty 4, one of the most popular recent war games released within your collection. If you are a Call of Duty veteran then you also probably feel an "emotional high" when you take the enemy out or beat the game, but again who don't that's the point.

As a gamer we all would like to do whatever...

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Review: Ninja Gaiden II for XBox 360 50°
357w ago - Ninja Gaiden II has become a significant title over the past few weeks. If you've been following the gaming news you would have heard of Tomonobu Itagaki's departure from Tecmo as a result of some alleged incidents within the company.

So, in a way, Ninja Gaiden II has become Itagaki's swansong title; as the last game made by one of the bigger gaming personalities out there.

Once again you're thrown into the shoes...

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Review: GioTeck RealTriggers for PS3 improve play 250°
357w ago - The 'Playstation Journal' has conducted a review on the GioTeck RealTriggers for the PS3. They clip onto the convex triggers of the PS3 controller and add a concave curve which help your fingers stay securely on the trigger buttons.

Overall they are impressed and score them a 9/10.

To quote: GioTeck RealTriggers for PS3 are very good peripherals if you're up for making a change to the PS3 controller. Me? I Ordered them...

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Review: Alone in the Dark for XBox 360 50°
358w ago - Quality survival horror games are woefully hard to come by on consoles these days, and it's easy to understand why. As hardware gets more powerful and gamers' expectations grow, building a big, beautiful world full of mind-bending puzzles, creepy creatures and compelling storylines is an increasingly Herculean task.

But it's a job Atari's Eden Games studio bravely took on with Alone in the Dark, an ambitious adventure game set in and...

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Review: Operation Darkness for XBox 360 50°
358w ago - Repeat after me: Operation Darkness is not a good game. Operation Darkness is not a good game. There, you just saved yourself some time and money. This is a videogame rife with bad design, bad programming, bad sound and bad graphics. Did I mention this game is bad?

Don't be misled. It sounds pretty great on paper. Operation Darkness is a turn-based strategy RPG set in World World II, but this isn't your daddy's war. This one pits you...

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