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PS3 Theme Builder v1.6 out now! 50°
November 25, 2007 // 7:00 pm - Today sbcroix updated to PS3 Theme Builder v1.6! Changes are detailed below:

Download: PS3 Theme Builder v1.6

v1.6 Changelog:

  • Additional Bug Fixes
  • Refactored a whole bunch of code
  • Added ability to copy P3T files to a USB drive
  • Added ability to create themes from p3t files
  • Added ability to remove Icons

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    PS3 Theme Creator v1.5 released! 50°
    November 25, 2007 // 1:15 am - Here it is, yet another PS3 Theme utility to check out! This time, it's PS3 Theme Creator v1.5 by A.R.K. (not to be confused with PS3 Theme Builder v1.5).

    Download: PS3 Theme Creator v1.5 / Sample PS3 Theme

    Use this tool to view, create, and generate PS3 Themes in realtime. No need to go through tedious XML files or 100's of menus to create/edit your theme. This tool is a WYSIWYG tool by just pointing and clicking to change...

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    PS3 Theme Extractor v0.7 released! 50°
    November 21, 2007 // 12:14 am - Anoop Menon has released PS3 Theme Extractor v0.7 today, which as the name implies allows users to extract PS3 Theme Files!

    Download: P3T Unpacker v0.7 (Windows) / P3T Unpacker v0.7 (Linux SRC)

    This program unpacks PlayStation 3 Theme files (.p3t). By default, it will extract the contents of the theme file to the directory 'extracted' in the current directory.

    Changelog v0.7:

    - fixed a bug in the path seperator (thx...

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    PS3 Theme Builder 1.5 is out 50°
    November 20, 2007 // 5:03 am - If you want to customize your Playstation 3 menu, then here's a news that should interest you. Sbcroix just released the 1.5 version of the PS3 Theme Builder, a software that allows you to create PS3 Themes using a very simple GUI (= Graphical User Interface)

    - Multiple bug fixes.
    - Application now checks for updates on startup

    Download : Lili-Chan

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    PS3 Theme Builder v1.2 released! 50°
    November 14, 2007 // 9:48 pm - sbcroix has updated PS3 Theme Builder today, with the following changes:

    Download: PS3 Theme Builder v1.2

    This software runs on Windows and requires the .Net Framework 2.0 to function.

    Change Log: Version 1.2

    - Addressed issue that prevent users from making partial themes.
    - Added one additional preview mode
    - Support for multiple background sets.
    - Support for localized theme information.
    - New theme preview generation templates.
    - Theme...

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    PS3 Theme Previewer out now! 50°
    November 13, 2007 // 11:59 pm - To quote from polishpride212: With the feature of themes just being added, there are a lot of themes on the Internet, some good some not so good. So I was bored so I made this file that reads all the pngs and forms them into what looks like the PS3's XMB via Web browser.

    There is a readme file in there but all you have to do is drop the html file and the spacefill.png into the sample>01 folder, launch your Web browser, and take a photo of the screen, and you will give everyone a preview of your theme with most of the icons, easily.

    Here is the file....

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    PS3 Theme Creator Video Tutorial 50°
    November 11, 2007 // 6:29 pm - Since PS3 Firmware v2.00 arrived, many users are making and sharing their own PS3 Themes in our PS3 Custom Themes Chat Forum and rating those uploaded.

    To simplify things, mbarry6 has shared a video via YouTube (below) on how to create PS3 Themes which may help along with reading the PS3 Custom Theme Guides and grabbing the required PS3 Custom Theme Utilities....

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    PS3 Custom Themes available along with English Custom Theme Tool! 50°
    November 8, 2007 // 1:58 pm - Earlier today we posted on the Japanese Custom Theme Tool, and now that PS3 Firmware v2.00 is available directly from Sony's Web site linked above they have also made available (3) PS3 Custom Themes along with an English Custom Theme Tool.

    Download: English PS3 Custom Theme Tool

    PS3 Themes: Pixels / Nature...

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