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Preview: Killzone 2 Online Multiplayer Dazzles & Bots Confirmed 50°
349w ago - It's been a long wait, but I finally had the chance to engage in Killzone 2's much-anticipated online multiplayer at the Leipzig Games Convention in Germany. Teased at E3 in Los Angeles last month, I have been practically foaming at the mouth to give it a go. Here's how it went down.

I was lucky enough to be in the first session at the show, meaning that aside from internal testing, I was first outside of Guerrilla Games' development...

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Pre-E3: Mirror's Edge Preview for Xbox 360 50°
355w ago - The Game Developer's Conference back in February gave us the first substantial details on Mirror's Edge, which is being developed by Digital Illusions (better known to most of the world as DICE) for its now-parent company, Electronic Arts. And the demo didn't give us much beyond the gameplay concepts that are going into it.

Frankly, a more recent look at the game–which was presented at Electronic Arts' pre-E3 event last month...

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CXMB v2.3.1, 4.01 M33 Compatible HostCore Preview Released! 50°
356w ago - Poisonhzkj has issued a minor maintenance update to CXMB. Version 3.2.1 fixes a bug that caused the plug-in to crash at times when applying a new XMB theme.

Additionally, the issue of theme settings reverting back to default after exiting from a UMD title has been solved.

On a side note, the author mentioned that a 4.01 M33 compatible version of HostCore, which allows users to access media content and files on their...

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Preview: Too Human in 10 Hours 50°
356w ago - I played through Too Human, Silicon Knights' upcoming action RPG for Xbox 360, this weekend. The game has been the subject of heated controversy: A disappointing early version shown at E3 built up an army of vocal detractors, and Silicon Knights' outspoken President Denis Dyack has fired back some volleys of his own.

The near-final version that I played won't do much to settle the issue one way or the other: Too Human has a lot...

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GameTrailers Bonus Round - Sony E3 Preview Video out! 50°
356w ago - Bonus Round Episode 23: Part 2 - E3 Preview is part of GameTrailers ongoing coverage of the 2008 Electronic Entertainment Expo, which is more recently referred to as the E3 Media and Business Summit.

For those who didn't know, it is an annual trade show for the computer and video games industry presented by the Entertainment Software Association (ESA). It is used by many video game developers to show off their upcoming games and game-related...

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Preview: Alone in the Dark for Nintendo Wii 50°
358w ago - Man alive, is Alone In The Dark dingy. The screens grabbed from our near-finished build are so dark that we had to download a virtual torch desktop application just to see what the hell was going on.

Ironically, it is hell going on. We're not surprised it's so hard to see: the game's set at night, in a city losing electricity, with a hero donned in enough black fabric to keep a family of four emos fed for a month.

So what...

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Preview: Killzone 2 Hands-On for PS3 100°
358w ago - Do you remember E3 in 2005? No, not the one with giant enemy crabs, massive damage, and "Ridge Racer!" - that was E3 2006. E3 2005 was the event where Sony showed the now infamous Killzone 2 trailer.

Much debate raged at the time as to whether it was pre-rendered footage or rendered in real time (it was pre-rendered, for the record) and much debate also raged as to whether or not the PS3 would actually be capable of displaying such...

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Preview: Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli 50°
359w ago - Some racing games tread the fine line between realism and fun. If it's too realistic you need to be Hamilton to get around the course without writing off your motor, and if its too forgiving, hardcore gamers cast it away as arcadey.

But it's this balance that Ferrari Challenge seems to have struck just right. When you slam down the accelerator, the eruption of the engine and the speed on screen gives you a great sense that you're powering...

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PlayStation Home Preview 50°
362w ago - While it may have been delayed almost to the point of silliness, anticipation is still quite high for PlayStation Home, Sony's trump card in the online gaming stakes.

Offering much more of a community approach than it's counter-parts, Home is full of different levels of customization which will allow you to live with your friends in a virtual world of sorts, where you'll be able to hang out and easily launch into the game of your choice...

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Preview: Ninja Gaiden II for X-Box 360 50°
362w ago - How do you make what is possibly the greatest 3D fighting game engine ever seen, and then get the camera utterly, utterly wrong? Ask Team Ninja. In Ninja Gaiden II it has produced a masterpiece of flowing and vicious combat that is - though not ruined - severely hampered by the most basic of design flaws.

In their own ways, both of those aspects are incredible. Levels move from big fight to big fight, each one held in differently...

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