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Metal Slug 3 is Coming to PS4 and PS Vita, More Neo-Geo Classics 200°
December 5, 2014 // 1:24 am - SNK Playmore Director of Business Development Adam Laatz announced that Metal Slug 3 is coming to PS4 and PS Vita alongside more Neo-Geo classics on the way!

To quote: Hi all, We're excited that PS Experience is just around the corner, and in leading up to the show... we have an interesting poll for PlayStation Network users and fans of SNK / NEOGEO to participate in here.

Together with SCEA 3rd Party Productions, and in commemoration of next year's 25th Anniversary of the AES & MVS, SNK PLAYMORE is...

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RACE Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator v2.1 for PSP Released! 50°
September 22, 2008 // 8:12 pm - The latest release of RACE! PSP from akop includes state saving, and a test switch. The switch enables developer-level access to Card Fighters' Clash, Card Fighters' Clash 2, Dokodemo Mahjong, and possibly other games.

To enable the test switch/button, map it to any PSP button via the 'Control' tab – it's unmapped by default. With regard to save state feature, I ask that you take its functionality with a grain of salt – at least until more folks report how well it works.

Download: RACE Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator v2.1 for PSP

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NeoDS v0.1.0: Neo-Geo Emulator for Nintendo DS out! 50°
April 30, 2008 // 3:32 pm - Ben Ingram has released NeoDS, a Neo-Geo AES/MVS emulator for the Nintendo DS. Although certain hardware features such as FM audio and raster effects are not fully emulated as of yet, compatibility is quite good and most titles have been reported to run at a playable speed with minimal to no slowdown.

Note that a DLDI compatible flash card is required. Additional installation and usage instructions can be found in the included readme file.

Download: NeoDS v0.1.0

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RacePSP: Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator for PSP out! 50°
March 9, 2008 // 6:38 pm - RacePSP can now be added to the ever-expanding library of emulators for PSP. RacePSP, developed by Flavor, emulates both the original Neo-Geo Pocket (NGP) and Neo-Geo Pocket Color (NGPC) using SDL.

Download: RacePSP: Neo-Geo Pocket Emulator for PSP

Keep in mind that this is the initial release. As such, the author notes that users might experience graphical and audio glitches with a select few ROMs.

Known issues:

Big Bang Pro Wrestling
- Graphics problem at...

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PSP CPS/Neo-Geo Emulators updated to v2.3.1! 50°
October 28, 2007 // 10:23 pm - Today NJ updated his CPS1, CPS2, Neo-Geo CD, and Neo-Geo MVS emulators for PSP. Based on translation, changes have been made to both video and sound emulation.

NJ has also updated the 2.2.x series of his emulators to v2.2.5 which include various bug fixes as well.


CPS2PSP v2.31 for PSP Slim
MVSPSP v2.31 for PSP Slim

CPS1PSP v2.31 for Firmware 3.X

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NCDZPSP Neo-Geo CD Emulator v2.2.3 released! 50°
October 14, 2007 // 12:27 am - NJ has updated NCDZPSP today, which is an SNK Neo-Geo CD emulator for PSP. Changes include various bug fixes and updates to the core rendering engine.

Download: NCDZPSP v2.2.3 For PSP Slim / NCDZPSP v2.2.3 For 1.5 Kernel

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PSP CPS and Neo-Geo emulators updated to v2.2.2! 50°
October 8, 2007 // 4:43 pm - NJ has updated several of his emulator ports to PSP today to v2.2.2. Downloads:

CPS1PSP v2.2.2 For PSP Slim / CPS1PSP v2.2.2
CPS2PSP v2.2.2 For Slim / CPS2PSP v2.2.2
MVSPSP v2.2.2 For PSP Slim...

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