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MVSPSP v2.2.3 updated for PSP! 50°
October 12, 2007 // 1:05 pm - NJ updated MVSPSP to v2.2.3 today, which contains various bug fixes and updates to the core rendering engine including:

* MVSPSP and NCDZPSP timer process once before to return, MAME 0.119 based on the change in the modification. UNIVERSE BIOS is the same as in previous work now.

* MVSPSP NCDZPSP the rendering process and made changes to the old (missing was because the source is found). A more accurate rendering will be a 000 - lo.lo is required.

Download: MVSPSP v2.2.3 for PSP Slim...


MVSPSP v2.2.0 for PSP out now! 50°
September 30, 2007 // 1:34 pm - NJ updated his Neo-Geo MVS arcade emulator for PSP today! Changes:

Download: MVSPSP v2.2.0 for PSP

This update utilizes the 64MB RAM found in the Slim to eliminate the need of caching most games. Keep in mind though, according to the author a few games still need to be converted to run them.


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