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The Big E3 List 2008

The Big E3 List 2008 200°
351w ago - The always-popular Electronic Entertainment Expo has returned to its roots this year, with the annual game show moving back to the Los Angeles Convention Center after a solo season on the sunny beaches of Santa Monica.

Kicking off on July 14 and running through July 17, E3 2008 showcases several of the year's biggest software titles from the industry's biggest publishers.

To help celebrate the festivities, we're starting our E3 coverage right here and now. Listed below is every videogame that has been "officially confirmed" to appear so far. Just remember, don't go crazy if your most anticipated title isn't on the list -- after all, E3 is known for its surprises and secrets, not every company is going to let us know everything ahead of time.

That means that our list will by no means be complete until the show starts. Regardless, this page will continue to be updated immediately whenever we can confirm additional titles.

For your easy navigation, we've provided links to every game listed should you want to use our watch-list system to keep and eye on your favorite titles, and we've even included a handy countdown clock so you know exactly how much time is left before the show happens. Titles added in the last 48 hours are marked with a handy-dandy "New" icon as well.

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft ready pre-E3 exclusives

Nintendo, Sony, and Microsoft ready pre-E3 exclusives 50°
354w ago - Nothing's official until E3, but that hasn't stopped the Big 3 from showcasing some of their finer wares.

As E3 draws close, Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony are surely readying a massive Megaton-style release of Q3 and Q4 games for the storied (albeit shrinking) show. Here's what we know so far.

Sony dropped a few big names last week with its first party exclusives list. The dates are subject to change, as always, and it wouldn't be a surprise given the number of big name delays we've seen in the past six months (the terribly reviewed Haze foremost among them).

- Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2 -- PSP (Available June 3, 2008)
- Secret Agent Clank --PSP (Available June 17, 2008)
- wipEout HD --PSN (Available Summer 2008)
- Elefunk -- PSN (Available Summer 2008)
- PixelJunk Eden -- PSN (Available Summer 2008)
- SIREN: Blood Curse --PSN (Available Summer 2008)
- SOCOM: US Navy SEALs Confrontation -- PS3 (Available September 16, 2008)
- LittleBigPlanet -- PS3 (Available October 2008)
- NBA 09 -- PS3, PSP, PS2 (Available Fall 2008)
- NBA 09 -- PSP (Available Fall 2008)
- NBA 09 -- PS2 (Available Fall 2008)
- About BUZZ! Quiz TV-- PS3 (Available Fall 2008)
- BUZZ! Master Quiz -- PSP (Available Fall 2008)

New Game Releases for the Week of May 18, 2008

New Game Releases for the Week of May 18, 2008 50°
354w ago - Check out the full list of new video game releases (USA) for the week of May 18, 2008 on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii, Sony PS2, PSP, Nintendo DS, and PC!


UEFA Euro 2008

Playstation 3:

UEFA Euro 2008


Wii Fit

Playstation 2:

UEFA Euro 2008

Nintendo DS:

No new releases

PC Games:

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures
Dracula: Origin
Supreme Ruler 2020
Luxor 3 with 7 Wonders Ancient World
Theatre of War

The Big Issue: Kids will always play GTA

The Big Issue: Kids will always play GTA 50°
361w ago - I can't speak for everyone, but I saw plenty of 18-rated movies when I was a kid. Robocop seems to be the one that everyone of my generation had to see, but you can probably put films like Predator, Terminator and Aliens in that bracket too.

I don't want to get into a discussion about whether those films scarred me (I had a few nightmares about Predator, but other than that I'm pretty well adjusted), but instead look at just how we, as kids, were able to watch those films. The BBFC did its job, giving them a legally enforceable 18 rating, our parents weren't in the dark about movies (they'd been around for years), yet everyone wanted to be Murphy in the playground.

Of course, this is all just a roundabout way of saying that kids will get hold of and play 18-rated games. The Byron Review, which has been pretty universally praised for being both fair and making a lot of sense, should result in all games receiving BBFC ratings (something only a small percentage receive right now) and suggests that parents need to be educated about video games. But just as a whole generation of kids from the 80s managed to watch high-profile violent movies of the time, modern kids will play violent video games. I'm not sure what the government can do about it.

From personal experience, retailers selling violent...

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