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Memento Firmware v1.1 with Australian Support out 50°
383w ago - Memento (Max Louarn et al) has just released a new update for it's Firmware 1.1, now with Australian support.

Download: Memento Firmware v1.1 (AU)

To quote: Just a quick release for our Australian friends. This is just the old 1.1 firmware with support for Australian's PS2 (SCPH-xx002).

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Memor 32 SaveGame Manager v1.3 released for PS2! 50°
384w ago - Memor 32 (Max Louarn et al.) has released a new build of their Save Game Manager.

Windows Vista support has been added, however, according to their page Max Drive (.max extension) support for savegames is not yet functional under Vista.

Download: Memor32 Savegame Manager v1.3

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Memor 32 Savegame Manager v1.2 Update out! 50°
385w ago - Max Louarn et al. has released an updated build of their savegame manager software for their Memor 32 memory card for PS2/Two. Max Drive (.max extension) support for savegames has been added and some bugs removed.

Download: Memor32 Savegame Manager v1.2


Updated Release (v1.2) of the Memor32 Savegame Manager.


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Memor 32 Firmware Update v1.1 released! 200°
387w ago - Memento (Max Louarn et al) have updated to Memor 32 Firmware v1.1 today for the PS2. The new v1.1 build now adds Dev1 and Dev 3 mode which allows for the launching of up to four different applications from the memory card/USB hdd and memory stick.

Download: Memor 32 Firmware Update v1.1

To quote: We have added the first important feature to the Memento Firmware! Dev1...

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Memor 32 Firmware v1.0a for PS2 released! 50°
387w ago - Memento (Max Louarn et al) have updated to Firmware v1.0a which now works on both PAL and NTSC PS2 consoles.

Download: Memor 32 Firmware v1.0a

This update also supports DVD-based PS2 games using a transparent patcher which will result in discs working with both Firmware and normal mod-chips/swap discs (you will still need to patch and re-burn them all).

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Memor 32 v1.1 SaveGame Manager released 50°
388w ago - Memor 32 (Max Louarn) has released an updated build of the savegame manager software for the Memor 32 memory card for PS2. It is now possible to export or import one or more savegames in a single file.

Download: Memor32 Savegame Manager v1.1

To quote: An updated version of the SGM. The Import and Export functions have been activated. Is now possible to...

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Memor 32 PS2 savegame software released 50°
388w ago - The initial build of the savegame software for use with the Memor 32 for PS2 has been released. This software gives Memor 32 owners the ability to manage PS2 savegames present on the card and from a PC. A video is also available below.

Download: Memor32 Savegame Manager v1.0 / Memor32 Drivers

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Memento release Firmware v0.9c for PS2 Memor 32 100°
388w ago - To quote from their page: Quick release of an 0.9c version to fix some issues with the Windows patcher.

We fixed some incompatibilities with some WinXP and Windows Vista versions. This version should be functional with all Windows versions.

Download: Memento v0.9c PAL PS2 ONLY

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Memento release v0.9b Windows GUI for PS2 Memor 32 50°
389w ago - Memento (aka Max Louarn et al ) have finally done away with the DOS command-line version and have released a Windows interface for the PS2 Memor 32.

Download: Memento v0.9b - PAL PS2 ONLY

To quote: Here we are again, this time we release our last beta, the v0.9b. This is already a giant step in respect to the previous beta. Also we are releasing...

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Memento give Memor 32 PS2 memory card mod-chip functions 50°
390w ago - Memento have successfully hacked the Memor 32 memory card for PS2 in order to enable it to have the power of a PS2 mod-chip. This means that imports, homebrew and back-ups will now be possible if you flash their hacked BiOS onto the PS2 Memor 32 memory card.

The user interface is reportedly not complete but they are working on improving things. Currently they have upload a PAL BETA...

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