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Transistor Interview: Why Indies Matter on PlayStation 4 / PS4

88w ago - Sony Blog Manager Fred Dutton shared a Transistor interview today on why Indies Matter on PlayStation 4 / PS4 below.

To quote: One of the stand-out moment at this year's PlayStation press briefing at E3, for me at least, was when eight independent developers took to the stage to show off their PS4 titles.

As Adam Boyes explained following the show, indie games are a key part of what makes PS4 such a special platform, and it was a landmark moment seeing these fantastic teams sharing the limelight with AAA titles such as Assassin's Creed IV and Final Fantasy XV.

Leading them out were Greg Kasavin and Amir Rao of Supergiant Games, who announced that Transistor, their bewitchingly beautiful follow-up to smash hit action RPG Bastion, will be debuting on PS4 when development wraps up in 2014.

I caught up with Greg on the showfloor the following day to pick his brains about the role of indies on our new platform, and to find out a little more about Transistor.

PlayStation.Blog: Supergiant started out just a few years ago in 2009 as a humble developer with just two staff members (it's now up to 10). Fast forward to 2013 and you're presenting your new game onstage at the PlayStation E3 press conference. That must feel surreal...

Proposition Pluto: Size Does Matter - Just Ask SackBoy

330w ago - Per SackBoy of the PlayStation Blog (or SackBoy2SavePluto via YouTube ) today:

My fellow Americans,

It's me... SackBoy! Now that you can go pickup LittleBigPlanet in your local retailer, I can take on other matters that are important to me other than playing, creating and sharing! So I wanted to take this opportunity to bring your attention to a worthwhile cause.

Well, as you know it's election season here and it's not all about Democrats and Republicans. There are bigger issues going on and I need YOU to get involved!

Back in 2006, the International Astronomical Union declassified Pluto, our solar system's littlest big planet, from a real planet to a dwarf planet. This is a travesty and we must stand together to bring Pluto back to the solar system as the LittleBigPlanet. So join me, SackBoy, in helping to get enough signatures to get Pluto back into the solar system!

I have made a campaign advertisement (above) that I want you to watch and share with your friends. Afterwards, log onto my campaign page and sign up so I can keep you updated on the campaign!

You can...

MI6: Do Core Gamers Still Matter?

359w ago - As certain game properties like Rock Band and Hannah Montana push the boundaries of what it means to be a "gamer," marketers consider the importance of reaching out to the hardcore gamer.

As the industry buzzes with hopes of expanding the marketplace beyond core gamers, definitions come into play. At the MI6 Conference, one panel addressed the question of how you can reach gamers as the market fractures.

Craig Relyea, senior vice president of Global Marketing at Disney Interactive Studios began with a definition of terms. "Mainstream is interesting... I think it will change as our industry evolves," adding, "In this context, it means outside of the core audience." He doesn't think this is a discussion that the industry will be having in three to five years - just as movies and music today have market segments, but no 'core audience.' "It should really mean the broadest possible audience."

"As I see it, three key things have happened," noted 2K Games senior vice president of marketing, Sarah Anderson. With Nintendo DS and the Brain Age game, the Nintendo Wii, and the music games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band, "Games are cool again, and it's not just violence. I think there's something really great about that."

But it also presents challenges. Designers have to change...
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