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PSP Internet Radio Developer Kit on the way 50°
December 20, 2007 // 8:15 am - The release of firmware 3.80 brought Internet radio functionality to the PSP, allowing users to listen to a wide range of Internet radio stations with the use of an active WiFi connection.

It now appears that Sony has plans to extend this functionality by releasing a development kit that will enable users to create their own Internet radio player.

To quote: A developer kit for creating an Internet radio player will be provided on the Japan-region Web site. The date the kit will be made available will be announced as soon as it has been decided.

Nice news indeed,...


PSP Radio in 3.8 overcomplicates years of simplicity 50°
December 18, 2007 // 2:22 pm - A new feature brings Internet Radio to your PSP .. too bad the interface designers forgot to show up

I was personally excited about this one because it would mean that my PSP would finally have that trump card for my audio time vs. my iPhone on the road. And by road I mean a place with a steady interwebs connection of course.

But it seems like nothing with the PSP can be as simple as the line item in the firmware describing it and what should have been a bad ass feature is more hassle than what its worth.

First off you have to download the firmware, not a...


PSP Gets Internet Radio In Firmware 3.80 50°
December 12, 2007 // 1:49 pm - According to the link above, a huge update is set to hit the PSP on December 18, Sony Japan announced today.

Firmware 3.80 includes two features, the first of which is support for the Japan-only 1seg (TV Tuner) peripheral.

Secondly the update will include internet radio functionality, as well as upgraded RSS capabilities and the ability to search video clips by scene.

While support for the TV Tuner peripheral will undoubtedly be Japan-only, here's hoping that the Internet radio feature makes it over to other regions.


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