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InFamous 2 PS3 Demo Out Now, Midnight Sales and MLG Event

195w ago - With PSN restored, Sony is cranking out the updates today including news from SCEA Associate Product Marketing Manager Chuck Lacson that the InFamous 2 PS3 demo is out now with midnight sales and MLG Event details below.

To quote: Well, here is some good news – the demo is available now on the PlayStation Store! Finally you can get a taste of Cole's new adventure and sample the incredible action you'll be experiencing in inFAMOUS 2.

Play a mix of story missions and side quests and navigate New Marais with Cole's new parkour skills as well as explore missions from dual karmic sides, as both good and evil Cole. Face enemies with Cole's electrical powers, his new Amp melee weapon, and conjure the incredibly powerful Ionic Vortex! Just visit the PlayStation Store and download it today.

Walmart Exclusive Retail Pack-in DLC and Gift with Purchase

For those of you who need more than the demo to get your inFAMOUS fix, Walmart stores all over the country will be open at midnight on June 6th.

So not only can you get a leg up on hitting Platinum before anyone else, and get an early start creating your own inFamous level with the new UGC features, you can score an exclusive inFAMOUS poster with your inFAMOUS 2 purchase at participating 24-hour Walmart stores...

InFamous PS3 Demo: The Good, the Bad, the Ugly!

303w ago - Does the InFamous PS3 demo leave a good impression, or make you want to leave the game?

Last night I had the opportunity to play through Sony's upcoming super-powered exclusive InFamous.

After spending several hours–yes, there are literally hours worth of things to see and do in the demo alone–romping through Empire City I have several thoughts I would like to share.

The Good

The demo alone has convinced me that every PS3 owning action fan needs to buy this game immediately upon release. I say that because InFamous is one hell of a ride the second you start playing. With only half of Cole's powers available in the demo I still instantly felt like a god amongst mere mortals.

When I tell you Cole is super-powered I'm talking almost an unstoppable force. He glides through the air like Batman, he shoots lighting out of his hands like Zeus, he climbs like Spiderman, he blasts objects with sheer force like a Jedi, he can heal or suck the life out of injured civilians, he restrains enemies with electricity chains, he creates grenades out of sheer electricity, he can call lightning storms out of the sky to devastate whole streets–and that is only half of the...
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