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Sony India Leaks Rumored PlayStation 4 / PS4 250 GB Retail Pricing

Sony India Leaks Rumored PlayStation 4 / PS4 250 GB Retail Pricing 650°
93w ago - Today GamingBolt.com (linked above) reports that Sony India's Web site has apparently leaked the rumored PlayStation 4 / PS4 250 GB SKU retail pricing with details below.

To quote: "Sony India apparently updated (now removed) their Web site to reveal the pricing for the upcoming next generation PlayStation 4 console. It listed the console along with a 250 GB hard disk drive as retailing for 399 Euros.

Of course, a while later, they realized their slip up and proceeded to delete the information. Not before other sites could latch on to the info however (thanks NeoGAF), and report on it.

As it stands, this would validate rumours that the PlayStation 4 would be retailing for $400 to $500 dollars (with 399 Euros roughly translating into $513). While we doubt that the price in the United States would be that much, we'd be surprised if Sony priced the console lower than $400.

Of course, this hasn't been officially announced by Sony worldwide - and they would at least use a platform like E3 2013 to announce the price of the device. So remain skeptical. It could very well have been a complete slip-up or just something completely wrong that couldn't be removed quick enough."


Rumor: Uncharted 2 for PlayStation 3 to be Set in India?

Rumor: Uncharted 2 for PlayStation 3 to be Set in India? 50°
323w ago - According to kittoo from NeoGAF (linked above) he feels it's pretty much (unofficially) confirmed that Uncharted 2 for PlayStation 3 is going to be set in India.

Below are the related pictures, and here is his reasoning as follows:

In this pic (top left), the truck is shown is of TATA motors. TATA is an Indian truck company and more than half of the trucks in India are manufactured by this company. Also, on the truck, Natraj is written. Its name of an Indian God and is pretty common in India.

A lot of things in this screen (top right) are written in Hindi. The top most red board in right says beer in Hindi. Also the last board in right says 'hastrekha vigyan' which means 'science of palm reading'. The board above it says something in Hindi too but I cant read that.

This pic (bottom left) has one more board in Hindi.

A hindu God in the right picture (bottom right). The statue.

Thoughts? Post them in the comments below!

Interview: GamingIndians vs SCE India's Atindriya Bose

Interview: GamingIndians vs SCE India's Atindriya Bose 50°
329w ago - At PlayStation Experience 2008, it was time for Round 3 of GamingIndians vs Atindriya Bose, Country Manager of Sony Computer Entertainment India.

This time around, he sheds some light on the new 80GB PlayStation 3 set to hit stores in December, the post warranty situation for the PS3, the long-awaited PSN launch, and news of Activision moving its PS2 game manufacturing to India.

To quote: GamingIndians: Can you tell me a bit about Sony's policy towards post-warranty PlayStation 3s?

Atindriya Bose: Currently, we are giving you a new console at 50 per cent discount in case something goes wrong with your console after warranty has expired.

GamingIndians: Won't there be a service facility?

Atindriya Bose: Not on an immediate basis. I think currently we are just touching figures of 20,000 with the PS3. Both the PS3 and PSP have quite complex service requirements, but at the moment, the PSP numbers allow us to go ahead and think about setting up a service centre in India.

The process of changing the Blu-Ray drive is a very complex one and the Blu-Ray drive error is the most common issue we have faced. So right now, offering this replacement is a more cost-effective strategy.

But surely at some point in time, these numbers will grow...

India's Gaming Potential is 'Immense'

India's Gaming Potential is 'Immense' 50°
335w ago - Global services firm Ernst and Young believes the Indian gaming market is turning its back on grey and black market trading, and now has all the elements in place for huge future growth.

The expansion of the Indian economy, increasing disposable incomes and a greater acceptance of gaming as a legitimate form of entertainment are just some of the reasons why the country's video gaming scene is ready to explode, said the international firm.

"Indian consumers are warming up to gaming as an entertainment alternative with proliferation of gaming devices moving northwards," explained Farokh Balsara, industry leader M & E and TCE Advisory leader for Ernst and Young.

"Disposable incomes of the upper middle class are growing with the economy, favourably influencing gaming growth.

The action, though, is still restricted to the top eight cities but with the right investments the potential for box business in India is immense."

As in many burgeoning markets, growth in India has suffered from video game piracy, but the global services firm revealed that the country is moving away from the illegal practice and is shedding the shackles of its reputation for piracy.

Ashok Rajgopal, partner M & E for business advisory services at Ernst and...

Microsoft India: XBox 360 Slim is Real

Microsoft India: XBox 360 Slim is Real 250°
335w ago - At a recent event held in Delhi, Microsoft revealed some very interesting pieces of information.

For one thing, most sites have posted conspiracies and possible shots of what appeared as the console's slim version; Engadget received a tip as far back as May concerning the planned 45nm Valhalla combined CPU / GPU motherboard design for the 360 and how it would most likely come in a new slim case.

MS execs here confirmed that the Xbox 360 Slim exists and you can expect an official announcement on the console in December.

When the redesign will be officially available (in 2009) to consumers is uncertain but this certainly looks to be a worthy purchase to start the New Year, especially with the upcoming October releases of Fallout 3, Fable 2 and Gears of War 2 in India.

The image below is an artists impression only.

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