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DVD Enabler Beta Arrives, Play Decrypted VOB Files on PS3

227w ago - Today mrgatz85 has released a Beta of an application he calls DVD Enabler and source code, which allows users to play decrypted VOB files on Sony's PS3 entertainment system.

Download: DVD Enabler Beta for PS3 / DVD Enabler Beta PS3 Source Code

To quote from his blog (linked above): "I have started a new project I am calling it DVD ENABLER.

This will let you play Decrypted VOB files. Its simple and straight to the point, and easily able to reset the DVD drive.

1) You will need to dump your VOB files. (I am working on Ubuntu with libdvdcss + vobcopy)
in ubuntu you will need to do the run the following commands

$ sudo /usr/share/doc/libdvdread4/install-css.sh

$ sudo apt-get install vobcopy

2) Now with vobcopy installed run this command

$ vobcopy ~/Videos/XXX/

replace XXX with the movies name.

3) Now you need to FTP those VOB files to


replace XXX with the movies name.

for example Hitman unrated looks like this



Play PS3 Backup Games via DVD-R on a JailBroken PlayStation 3!

233w ago - Today Jamal94 from PSX-Scene.com (linked above) has found out that once you backup your original PS3 game via the PS JailBreak Backup Manager to a USB HDD, transfer the game to your PC, and burn it onto a normal DVD-R disc (if the game is small enough) you can then insert it back into your JailBroken PS3 and play it! To quote:


1) JailBroken PS3 with Backup Manager, running v3.41 firmware!
2) Any Original Game Disc or Any JailBroken game files
3) Nero or any similar program on your PC

If you have your JailBroken game files skip to step 4

Step 1: Launch Backup Manager and Backup the original disc to the Ext. HDD

Step 2: Plug the Usb HDD to the pc and Browse to "X:/GAMEZ/[title_id] Ex. "G:/GAMEZ/BLES00188"

Step 3: Copy the contents of the [TITLE_ID] DIRECTORY to New folder on your desktop

* Contents of [title_id] a)PS3_DISC.sfb B) PS3_UPDATE C)PS3_GAME

Step 4: Burn the Contents of the jailbroken game to any type of disc

* Contents of [title_id] a)PS3_DISC.sfb B) PS3_UPDATE C)PS3_GAME

Step 5: Insert the Disc in the Jailbroken PS3

Step 6: Launch Backup Manager and load the Disk

* Note:...

Universal PS3 Blu-ray / DVD Hybrid Discs Launching in 2010

274w ago - Universal Studios is preparing to launch its line of Blu-ray / DVD hybrids known as 'Flipper discs' in 2010, which could benefit Sony's PlayStation 3.

For those curious, the hybrid discs hold a Blu-ray film on one side and a 9GB DVD version on the other.

To quote: "The technology allows a single disc to offer a 50GB Blu-Ray version of a film on one side, and a 9GB DVD version on the other. It's a plan by Universal (and most likely the rest of the Blu-ray Consortium) to increase the adoption of Blu-ray HD films by giving consumers the option to future-proof their content.

One of the key components in Sony's PlayStation 3 is its Blu-ray drive, offering gamers a chance to experience high definition movies. If the Flipper discs prove to be a popular format, it could help cement the PS3 as the home entertainment console of choice.

The first dual-format Flipper discs are due to go on sale on 19th January 2010 in the US, with the very first product being the Jason Bourne trilogy, a box set containing The Bourne Identity, The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum. No pricing has yet been announced."

LiteOn 83850-v2 and LiteOn 93450 DVD Key Can Now Be Dumped

274w ago - On XBoxHacker.net (linked above) in a thread by Geremia both MRA and Raidenxtribe have successfully dumped the keys of the newest (previously un-moddable) XBox 360 LiteOn DVD drives.

The Liteon 83850-v2 and Liteon 93450 DVD Key can now be dumped. With that DVD key, you can install any flash-able DVD drive to that XBox 360.

Raidenxtribe was the one who recognized that with JT we can read the DVD key of this dump. The Firmwares of both LiteOn drives are nearly the same, and so JT could decrypt it, as follows:

MRA: Today I made some progress too. I was able to dump the O-FW of a 74850. So here is how it works (although I just tried it with one drive til now):

• Lift pin 101 and 122
• Solder a cable to pin 100, pin 101 and one to 3,3V
• Use a 2-way switch which either connects 101 to 3,3V or to 100
• Put the switch into the position so that it connects 100 to 101
• Power drive
• Start Dosflash, it will recognise the SPI with Status x72
• If you read it out now, it will just give you a .bin full of FFFFFFFF, but thats OK, this is how we tricked the Flash Controller to think the SPI is empty
• Put the switch in the other position (so that 101 is connected to 3,3V)
• Now read...

Wii DVD Version 1.0 Now Available for Nintendo Wii Consoles

312w ago - Yesterday Waninkoko released Wii DVD Version 1.0 for Nintendo Wii consoles.

From the included readme file: This application allows you to know which controller version comes with the Wii DVD drive (DMS/D2A, D2B...).

Download: Wii DVD Version 1.0

How to use: Run the application and automatically it will display the controller version that comes with the DVD drive.

That's it, enjoy guys!
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