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PS3 UT3 Mutator Action Cam v1.0 released!

PS3 UT3 Mutator Action Cam v1.0 released! 100°
369w ago - Courtesy of fall: Play Unreal Tournament 3 from an over the shoulder view, like Gears of War or Mass Effect. This new camera view enhances the action and really brings you into the fight!

Enter the battle with an over the shoulder camera and see the Action from an all new perspective! Action Cam is designed to offer better visibility, depth, and feedback to the player than the normal first person view, and offers pixel-perfect accuracy.

Action Cam v1.0 is released onto our favorite console and ready for the masses to play around with! Thanks to StuntF50 for helping test the PS3 version, as I don't own one.

Download: PS3 UT3 Mutator Action Cam v1.0

To install on your PS3:

1. Unzip the file to the root directory of any memory card that is readable by your PlayStation 3. It is already in the proper directory structure but, just in case, the path and filename need to be: ps3savedatablus30086-modimportuserdata.jam
2. Boot up Unreal Tournament 3 on your PS3
3. Go to the "Community" menu
4. Choose "My Content"
5. Press the [SQUARE] button to "Import Mod"
6. Follow the directions on the screen to import it from...

Motion-sensing ZCam set to build on Wii gaming control

Motion-sensing ZCam set to build on Wii gaming control 50°
377w ago - There's little doubting the phenomenal impact the Nintendo Wii has had on the videogame industry since its arrival in November of 2006, bringing with it demographic-busting creativity, motion-sensing controls, and a sense of fun generally lacking in its more 'hardcore' hardware rivals.

Further to the host of (generally poor) third-party peripherals and accessories spawned because of the Wii in an attempt to jump on Nintendo's sizeable cash cow, there are occasional product manufacturers that pop up with the intent of actually building on the Wii's inspiration. Meet the ZCam.

Created by Israel-based 3DV Systems, the ZCam is a new 3D interactive gaming camera designed specifically for personal computer users, which is so sensitive to movement and motion that users are able to control on-screen action through the mere flick of a finger.

"The Wii has shown us the way, but this device can take things so much farther," enthused 3DV Systems CEO Zvika Klier during a recent demonstration held exclusively for the Reuters news agency.

According to 3DV, the ZCam is able to sense real-world depth of field and track player movements in three dimensions, essentially enabling users to relive their childhoods by controlling through body motion.

For example, during the Reuters...

Sony PSP Go!Cam

Sony PSP Go!Cam 50°
387w ago - Back in June we mentioned that the PSP was getting a new accessory - the Go!Cam. We'll we managed to get our hands on one to put it through the Varsity 'hot or not' test. Read on to find out how we got on...

The Go!Cam allows PSP owners to seamlessly turn your handheld into a functional and fun camera. The camera simply screws onto the top of the console and can swivel around 180 degress so that you're not only filming yourself. It also offers a built in microphone for picking up audio of course. There's also a hand plastic case to keep the attachment protected which is good as the build quality is on the lighter side.

It comes packaged with very basic instructions and without software. In place a URL is provided for you to go download the Go!Edit software which allows you to do any editing. Using Go!Edit I was able to successfully enhance videos and pics adding in sounds and special effects. Now this isn't ever going to replace Adobe Premiere Pro or the like, but I found the Go!Edit software easy to use and very intuitive. I wouldn't call any of my creations masterpieces so I won't put you through the pain of having to watch me taunting our cat.

It's simple enough to upload your videos and it would have been good to see an upload to YouTube ready option included that...

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