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Video: Modern Warfare 2 GamesCom 2009 'Leaked' Presentation

288w ago - German site VideogamesZone.de (linked above) has shared some 'leaked' footage from GamesCom 2009 of Modern Warfare 2 over the weekend.

Apparently a visitor just recorded the video, which shows some scenes from the Modern Warfare 2 presentation... and an unusual ending.

To quote, roughly translated: On the GamesCom presentation of the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 demo filming was strictly prohibited.

When some visitors do not seem quite so closely watched, one records the video... Strange that the protagonist of the game dies, not by a bullet hail of enemy troops, but in a crash with the snowmobile.

After that incident the demonstrator aborted the presentation. Watch till end.

Check it out below, courtesy of RITTERandLINOIS via YouTube!


Video: PSP Firmware 5.70 Demonstrated at GamesCom 2009

288w ago - This weekend magiXien has shared a video of PSP Firmware 5.70 being demonstrated at GamesCom 2009.

Apparently during a test session at Sony's booth he was able to film and test the new Firmware for PSP´╗┐ Go.

According to reports, PSP Firmware 5.70 will be released this month for all PSP consoles.

To quote from the video's caption, roughly translated:

Quick Test Firmware 5.70 for PSP Go - The firmware 5.70, not officially distributed yet, equips PSP Go to Gamescom 2009 Cologne.

Check it out below, via YouTube!


Alan Wake XBox 360 Demo Story Details from GamesCom 2009

288w ago - From GamesCom this year, the Alan Wake demo starts heading out to find Rusty, a local lawman who seems keen to give you some information on finding the pages that will appease your love interest's kidnappers.

It's made clear that light and dark play a very important role in Alan Wake, and it's not long before enemies are attacking and need to be taken down by way of torch and gun combination.

It's truly gripping and as more and more enemies attack we have to rely on holding a lit flare above our heads to aid us in wading through the crowd of foes. The game seems to have a slow motion effect to enhance dramatic situations and it works perfectly.

Just as things had settled down, and it was feeling as if we could finally relax, a nearby bulldozer starts up and begins to charge.

It's being controlled by the darkness that's consuming the area. A frantic combination of torch light and a flare manage to bring it to a halt just before Alan is crushed beneath it.

Eventually we discover Rusty. Near death and bloody, he mutters that the pages we are searching for are hidden behind the life ring near the lighthouse. Having passed on his message he finally breathes his last breath.

The quickest way to the lighthouse is by car and, conveniently, there is one nearby....

Video: Sony GamesCom 2009 Press Conference 'Rewarmed'

288w ago - Well, it's a day late but as Jem Alexander stated yesterday on the topic of Sony's GamesCom 2009 Press Conference:

"Sorry. There is no live video stream. The press conference will be posted in Home soon after it ends (probably an hour or so).

Alternatively, you can read our liveblog and learn all the info immediately. The choice is yours!"

That being said, we've chosen 'none of the above' and have added it below via G4TV for those who'd still like to watch it. Cheers!


Video: Dead Nation PS3 GamesCom 2009 Trailer is Available

288w ago - Today German site VideoGamesZone.de (linked above) has made available a Dead Nation PS3 GamesCom 2009 trailer.

To quote, roughly translated: With Dead nation awaits the PS3 gamers a new action game based on the first look at Left 4 Dead (Ger) recalls. Dead nation is a kind of zombie-shooter, like Left 4 Dead, however, isometric perspective.

Come 2010, PSN, probably not in Germany. Dead Nation is extremely bloody, but looks very cool. It brings zombies among others, MG, pistol and grenades around the corner.

Nett: the own score is then uploaded and published. These can then turn to the friends with whom to compare. A first video and screenshot can be found below.

Check it out below, courtesy of nzonechannel via YouTube!

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