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Forget the PS4 Rumors: PlayStation 3 will Keep Us Busy for Years

334w ago - Just bought a PlayStation 3 console when I read the rumors of a PlayStation 4 coming out soon and all the mind blowing possibilities of the theoretically new console.

I could barely afford the PS3 much less worry about what its going to cost for a PS4. But, based on what Paul Holman (Sony Vice President of Technology) told TechEBlog in 2006, the PS4 will not be out until at least 2010.

Then there's the rumor that the future PS4 will use the same existing cell processor that the current PS3 uses, according to a Japanese tech news site PC Watch. I'm not sure about that because if this rumor does prove to be true, I'd be sorely disappointed.

For the most part, why invest in all these upgrades for the PS3 coming out soon only to purchase a PS4 which as we experienced with the PS3, having limited to no backwards playability again?

They just came out with a PS3 Bluetooth headset for the console, not to mention a possible controller that will function like the controllers of a Wii.

Sony is still upgrading the...

Forget the motion-sensitive remote Microsoft, fix X-Box 360!

359w ago - By now, the word has trickled into every crack and corner of the Internet that Microsoft is developing a motion-sensitive wand controller for its Xbox 360 console, and that the prototype design fairly resembles the wand available for Nintendo Wii.

Since MTV spilled the rumor Monday, dozens of publications have jumped on the story and twisted it into a balloon animal for their own purposes. Yahoo Tech thinks any wand remote built years after Xbox's debut would rate as little more than a second-rate accessory. NintendoRevolution thinks it's an April Fool's joke. PS3 says it's a sign that Microsoft really does care about casual gaming despite the company's huge effort to command the high-end gaming market.

MTV has pinned the rumor to an "unnamed source" who claims to have been briefed on Microsoft's plans. The source says Microsoft's secret controller will do much more than the Wiimote, including interact with the Xbox Live Vision Camera, and that "several developers, speaking on background" confirmed the source's claim.

Because the report goes against Microsoft's earlier position that motion-sensitive controllers were not on the horizon for Xbox 360 (but perhaps for its hoped-for replacement, the Xbox 720) and has no credible sources cited, gaming pundits were quick to...
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