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Minority Shares Update on Papo & Yo: Monster Evolved

Minority Shares Update on Papo & Yo: Monster Evolved 50°
157w ago - Minority Creative Director Vander Caballero has shared a pre-GDC 2012 update today with fans on Papo & Yo: Monster Evolved below.

To quote: We've been hard at work since we first unveiled Papo & Yo last summer, and the game has come a long way in the past few months.

As we get ready to (finally!) show off more of the game next week at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco, I wanted to take the opportunity to tell you all a little bit about how Monster - a character very important to both the story and to me personally - has evolved since my initial concept into the Monster you see today.

If you've been following Papo & Yo, you may remember that Monster represents my father, a man I had a difficult relationship with. To tell the story I wanted to tell - my story - I knew that this character had to show the positive aspects of the man I loved... and the negative aspects of the man I feared.

This turned out to be challenging - I knew who Monster was, but not what he looked like. Luckily, I'm extremely fortunate to have friends like Nilo Rodis, a man who has worked on the art for movies ranging from Pixar titles to Star Wars, and the man who helped me find my father in Monster.

Nilo and I met during my time at EA, and...

Video: Amy is Survival Horror Evolved, Hits PSN This Summer

Video: Amy is Survival Horror Evolved, Hits PSN This Summer 100°
193w ago - Today Djamil Kemal at Lexis Numerique has shared a video on Amy, an evolved survival horror video game that is hitting PSN this summer.

To quote: If you're into new survival-horror experiences, this post is for you! After recently releasing Red Johnson's Chronicles on PSN, we're excited to be publishing Amy on PSN later in 2011.

Amy is the upcoming game from Paul Cuisset, who may be a familiar name for some of you; In the early 90s Paul created Flashback, a classic game that is credited today as a great source of inspiration by respected game designers.

With Amy, we're now bringing Paul's innovative concepts to PS3 owners with a new development philosophy that bridges the gap between innovative indie PSN games and very ambitious Blu-ray titles.

Dark Days

The story begins on a rainy December day in 2034. Global warming is in full swing, spreading diseases and natural disasters all around the world. You play as Lana, a character who regains consciousness following a comet impact in the small town of Silver City.

Upon awakening, you discover that Silver City has descended into chaos. Violence, fury, rage, wreckage and death: the world you knew has been torn to Hell.


Planet B-Boy Movie fever across US; Canada and Asia soon!

Planet B-Boy Movie fever across US; Canada and Asia soon! 50°
359w ago - Last month we plugged the upcoming Planet B-Boy Movie, and now since it's release a few weeks ago it has been in theatres across the US!

It started opening in only 2 cities, then 8, 12, now over 30 cities- just in the US... it already got picked up for Canada, and it will hit all of Asia over the next 6 months!

This weekend it's opening at AMC's Magic Johnson Theatre in Harlem, and for theatres, showtimes, and tickets in your area check http://planetbboy.com/tickets.html along with the Planet B-Boy MySpace Page for additional details.

Finally, the official trailer is below for those who haven't seen it yet:


Planet B-Boy Movie comes to select Theatres this week!

Planet B-Boy Movie comes to select Theatres this week! 50°
363w ago - Starting the week off plugging a new movie coming out this week in select areas dubbed Planet B-Boy!

A few trailer videos are below for it, and if you wish to see if it's premiering at a theatre near you check out the official Planet B-Boy MySpace Page.

A brief story synopsis for those interested: Planet B-Boy goes inside the International, underground B-Boy scene in Japan, France, South Korea, and the United States, as they prepare for the event of their lives: The battle of the year in Germany, the oldest and largest B-Boy event in the world. Eighteen nations send their best crews to compete at the "World Cup of B-Boying."

Coming from vastly different cultures, what the B-Boys share above all is their willingness to sacrifice everything for B-Boying as a way of life. By gaining personal insight into their lives, we see that it is their ultimate form of self-expression and creativity.

With little chance of recognition or financial gain, the B-Boys struggle to maintain their passion and love for their art is the original essense of hip-hop in its purest form.

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