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PlayStation 3 XMB Plus Open Source Equals Awesomeness

325w ago - The PlayStation 3 can probably be considered one of the most customizable consoles on the market. With the ability to upgrade you HDD, use external USB devices, Bluetooth peripherals, install open source operating systems (Linux/Unix) and freely customize your own XMB theme, the PS3 gives users a freedom of choice that was never previously established in console gaming until this generation.

Not to say that it's really "open" in the sense where programmers, like myself, don't really have the ability to access any hardware acceleration in the RSX because of restrictions by a hypervisor (software systems that run directly on the PS3 as a hardware control and guest operating system monitor) in the available Linux/Unix flavors; this limits any 3D operations that can be done on the PS3 whilst running Linux.

But gamers don't really need to worry about crap like that. That's reserved more for the bewildered geeks that get a stiffy trying to comprehend the internal workings of any system - let alone the PS3.

But what if Sony took off the shackles currently limiting user control of the PS3? What if Sony decided to give users the ability to fully customize and control their interactivity and interface?

To finally change that sonata chime at startup to something more you (not...

Mgestyk Fusion and Wiimote Equals Jedi Powers... Almost!

328w ago - The guys over at Mgestyk Technologies have been playing and come up with a pretty awesome melding of gaming technology dubbed Mgestyk Fusion, currently available for Windows XP and Windows Vista.

To quote the link above: If you've tried games like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed and the recent Star Wars: The Clone Wars - Lightsaber Duels on the Wii, you may have been disappointed that the in-game lightsaber does not always match how you are holding the wiimote.

Introducing Fusion from Mgestyk Technologies: Fusion is a patent-pending technology which combines Mgestyk's gesture processing with other sensor data such as from Nintendo's wiimote.

It looks pretty cool to me. It's a shame we won't see it on the PS3 until either someone hacks it for homebrew or Sony buys Nintendo.

Continued: We'll be demoing this at MIGS next week along with some of the games from our first video. What follows is a description of what the new video shows and how Mgestyk Fusion enhances gaming with a wiimote:

If you want to swing the wiimote around like a lightsaber, you will most likely not be pointing the wiimote at the Wii's sensor bar.

On the Wii console, the sensor bar allows the console...
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