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GTAV: Elite Edition GTAV PS3 Real Car Mod & More by Elite Electronics 400°
2d ago - Following our MultiMAN: Elite Edition, today we at Elite Electronics would like to introduce GTAV: Elite Edition featuring a GTAV PS3 Real Car Mod and MUCH more!

GTAV: Elite Edition By Elite Electronics Dev Team (

Created By J#$H (Elite Electronics) 2014-2015


The wait...


PS3 BWE - Betterway Electronics Downgrade Automator is Released 550°
November 23, 2012 // 9:31 pm - Today PlayStation 3 developer BWE has released a PS3 BWE (Betterway Electronics) Downgrade Automator for those interested followed by a script update and details below, as follows:

Download: PS3 BWE - Betterway Electronics Downgrade Automator / PS3 BWE - Betterway Electronics Downgrade Automator (Mirror) / PS3 BWE - Betterway Electronics Downgrade Automator (Mirror #2) / PS3...


Sony to Cut Manufacturing Plants and 8,000 Electronics Jobs 200°
December 9, 2008 // 2:32 am - Sony has announced plans to cut 8,000 electronics jobs - 5% of the division - as well as shutting 10% of its manufacturing sites.

The company said the jobs would be cut by April 2010 but did not say in which countries the staff would go. Sony said it had been trying to reduce production because of the downturn but warned it still had to do more.

The news came as Japan drastically raised its estimate of the amount its economy shrank from July to September. The Cabinet Office said the economy had shrunk at an annual rate of 1.8% in the quarter, down from its previous estimate...


Even Better 'Dump Your Old Electronics' Trade-up Program 100°
October 29, 2008 // 4:37 pm - Expanding on the previously published Radio Shack trade-in program, Best Buy offers a similar program, albeit online only (linked above, you can't bring your old stuff to a retail location).

Box up your stuff and send it with their postage, get it approved, and receive back a Best Buy gift card. I dumped a working 1st gen touch wheel 20GB iPod for ~$40.

I also dumped an old cell phone for ~$20 Decision... recycle at municipal collection for nothing or let Best...


Sony Ericsson Wins Greenest Electronics Company Award 100°
June 30, 2008 // 1:17 am - Greenpeace has produced it's report on green elecronics companies and Sony Ericsson appears to have come out on top. Although from their graph, Sony looks to be in the same postion but only the joint venture gets a mention and quite frankly I was too bored to read any deeper!

Sony Ericsson are the cream of Greenpeace's Greener Electronics Guide for exceeding Energy Star requirements, making all its models PVC-free and banning the most harmful chemicals from phones launched since January 2008. Although victory isn't so sweet as all the competition seem to have given up the race...


Ken Kutaragi joins the Consumer Electronics Hall of Fame 50°
April 3, 2008 // 1:42 pm - The Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) will be welcoming the former chairman and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment, Ken Kutargi, into its Hall of Fame.

Kutargi, know as the "Father of the PlayStation," was instrumental in the creation of the Sony Computer Entertainment division and the original Playstation.

The CEA said that its Hall of Fame "honors leaders whose significant contributions make the consumer electronics industry a vibrant, dynamic and vital part of our nation and its economy."

To quote: A few of the other inductees into the Hall...


Printing displays screen promise 50°
March 27, 2008 // 3:02 am - Flat-panel computer displays could be manufactured quickly and cheaply using novel inkjet printing equipment demonstrated by Japanese scientists.

The technique has already been used to produce the delicate wiring and tiny components needed for flexible screens.

The new inkjet head is able to produce drops 1,000 times smaller than standard printers, according to the researchers.

Writing in the journal PNAS, the team say the technique also improves the performance of printed circuits.

"The present work demonstrates the feasibility of employing...


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