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ASUS Recalls Eee Box PCs in Japan due to Virus Alert 50°
October 14, 2008 // 5:35 pm - ASUSTek has issued a recall of its Eee box PCs sold in Japan as they contained a dangerous virus. The virus makes the computer run slow and download damaging malware programs from the internet.

Asus' PR department noted that the virus entered the machines while they were downloading the Japanese version software to the computer.

To quote: Taiwan's ASUSTek Computer has announced a recall of its Eee Box PCs that were sold in Japan because they contain a virus.

The virus, known as recycled.exe, resides on the D drive of the machine and once opened, the virus...


Crysis, CoD4 and BioShock now playable on Eee PC 50°
June 17, 2008 // 3:08 pm - StreamMyGame makes it possible to play the best and most graphically demanding PC games on ultra portable notebooks.

StreamMyGame has announced support for the new range of ultra portable notebooks, including the Asus Eee PC and Ebox and over 100 other UMPCs. The new StreamMyGame software runs at full screen resolution on both Windows and Linux versions of the Eee PC.

"The Linux player has been requested by our Eee PC members and has been optimised to run on both the original and new ranges of the Eee PC. The Window's player has also...


Designing greener products 50°
September 3, 2007 // 3:06 pm - Sometimes the best way to get a fresh take on a product's design is to take a step back and break it down into its component parts. This approach allows a thorough assessment of the potential for minimising the use of raw materials at every step.

On review, it is often found that components, such as fasteners, can be eliminated completely by adjusting the initial design - without affecting the product's overall form or function.


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