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Video: Mortal Kombat on PS3: How to Dominate with Kratos

Video: Mortal Kombat on PS3: How to Dominate with Kratos 200°
202w ago - Sony's Senior Social Media Specialist Sid Shuman has posted up a video today offering PlayStation 3 tips on how to dominate with Kratos in the new Mortal Kombat on PS3.

To quote: If you watch our recent video Q&A with Ed Boon and Stig Asmussen, then you know that NetherRealm Studios and Sony Santa Monica Studios collaborated closely to ensure that God of War's ultra-violent antihero was faithfully recreated for his highly anticipated (and PS3-exclusive) Mortal Kombat debut.

Now that the shrink wrap is off the game, my hands-on play sessions have yielded some powerful tactics. First, a few observations:

Kratos is a tactician, not a brawler. Kratos' style combos aren't particularly fast or powerful, so wading into combat while mashing buttons won't get you results worthy of the God of War. An effective Kratos player must demonstrate equal parts finesse and animal cunning.

The Helios Head gets results. Like Scorpion's spear or Sub-Zero's ice blast, the Helios Head is Kratos' go-to special attack. You'll learn to love it for several reasons: the blast boasts impressive range, stuns on impact, and shuts down jumping attackers. More importantly, it can chain a fast, weaker opening combo into a mortal monstrosity,...

iPhone on Track to Dominate Handheld Gaming

iPhone on Track to Dominate Handheld Gaming 100°
326w ago - It's no secret that iPhone has turned the mobile phone industry on its head, sliding past its smartphone rivals with its sexy design. We know Apple has opened a new chapter in mobile technology, but the real story behind this is how the iPhone is quietly taking over pocket gaming.

Business Week has already pointed out what is clearly becoming a new player in the handheld market. Apple has set iPhone on the right track to contend with Nintendo DS and PlayStation Portable as the definitive portable gaming platform new figures show. Sales of iPhone continue to increase with each passing month, not to mention downloads from the App Store.

Momentum behind iPhone can't be discredited either as developers both large and small are flocking to the system. It all points to the strong possibility that iPhone could become the leading device for handheld gaming in the coming years.

The argument isn't a new one, as we were one of the first to identify the potential for iPhone to take on DS and PSP. At the time, it was a claim that few took seriously. Nintendo has racked up tens of millions of DS users that could be relied upon to buy scores of games. While Sony can't push its PSP owners into buying as much software - not least because there isn't much available - they certainly don't mind picking up...

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