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Photos: Dell Studio Hybrid vs Xbox 360 50°
August 24, 2008 // 11:00 pm - The Dell Studio Hybrid mini desktop PC has arrived, and PC Authority has unboxed the mini system with photos comparing it side by side with an Xbox 360.

It is small - just over half the height of the Xbox judging by the photos.

The Hybrid includes Intel Core 2 Duo, onboard DVD drive, and Windows Vista, while the ASUS Eee Box has Intel Atom and Windows XP.

More pics can be seen linked above!


Loopholes keep Windows XP alive 350°
May 1, 2008 // 1:35 am - PC makers are finding ways to keep selling Windows XP despite Microsoft efforts to remove it from sale. Dell, HP and Lenovo are exploiting loopholes in Microsoft's licensing terms to extend the operating system beyond a 30 June end of life date.

XP is being phased out in favor of Windows Vista which has, so far, got a lukewarm welcome from many firms. The news comes as Microsoft boss Steve Ballmer hints that XP could live longer if enough customers demand it.

Long life: Dell is using a clause in the conditions for Windows Vista which lets it provide XP under the...


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