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PS3 Game Delays Allow the XBox 360 Breathing Room in 2009

294w ago - Today PS3 exclusive titles like God Of War III, White Knight Chronicles, Heavy Rain and multiplatform titles like BioShock 2, Singularity and Max Payne 3 are now 2010 launch titles.

Despite the software delays Sony still has a strong line-up remaining for the rest of the year, however, just how strong that line-up remains to be is the real question.

To quote: With MAG now speculated to be another PS3 exclusive delay title until Qtr (1) 2010, Sony is definitely losing their dominant edge in 2009 and fast.

On the competitive side of the equation the Xbox 360 has remained even keel so far not losing too many big name title along the way.

With hopefully no software delay updates in the forseeable future Xbox 360 users can still expect exclusive titles in the form of Splinter Cell: Conviction, Shadow Complex, Section 8, HALO 3: ODST, LEFT4DEAD 2, FORZA 3 and the GTA4 DLC entitled Ballard of Gay Tony.

While these are great exclusives, Xbox 360 user can also be excited for a great list of multiplatform titles as well in the form of Assassins Creed 2, DARK VOID and the ever popular FPS Modern Warfare 2 just to name a few.

Despite the incredible start to 2009 with blockbuster exclusives like Killzone 2, MLB 09: The Show and inFAMOUS, it appears as though the...

Capcom Delays Street Fighter IV on PC Due to Piracy Concerns

314w ago - While the PS3 and Xbox 360 gamers were enjoying the long awaited release of Street Fighter IV, the PC gaming community fell victim to Capcom's anti-piracy strategy.

Capcom believes they can reduce piracy on the PC by releasing the PC version of the game months after the console. This policy has failed as it would seem.

Entering "Street Fighter IV" into a torrent search engine results in numerous images of the 360's Street Fighter IV disc with thousands of downloads already completed. To add insult to injury, some of these copies went up online before the game's launch date!

Even though the anti-piracy tactic has failed, it seems like PC gamers must endure the wait a little while longer. If Best Buy's Pre Order page is correct that wait ends May 15th. For Capcom's sake they better hope that the hype of the game lasts till that point.

I for one am interested. I wonder if they high piracy rate of the XBox 360 version of the game will result in a change in Capcom's policy on piracy? It should be obvious to them now that their piracy concerns should extend beyond the PC versions of their games.

Beyond all the piracy the game seem to be selling very well. On the first day of its release it was sold out in Japan. In the USA the Collectors edition of the game was...

EA Whacks The Godfather II Release Plans and Delays Game

317w ago - EA has revealed that The Godfather II won't be making its release later this month (GameStop lists it as shipping 2/24/2009), stating that the game will instead arrive at retail during the company's Q1 fiscal period, between April and June '09.

To quote: While curiously missing a press release announcing the delay (unlike the similarly delayed Sims 3 and Dragon Age), EA CEO John Riccitiello explained that the reason for Godfather II's delay was to generate more excitement about the title, and exercise the company's new focus on longer lead marketing.

It wasn't all marketing, however; the lingering effects of an unusually busy holiday season are also to blame. Says Riccitiello: "To be honest with you, we looked at the title, title feels very solid It will appeal to its audience well and it was likely to ship, as we had originally planned it, into a very cluttered, price reduced excess inventory channel both in North America and Europe in a heavy competitive environment. We didn't think it would get its best shot at success in [fiscal] Q4."

Let's hope the extra time spent marketing the game will give the devs at Redwood Shores some extra time to make the game as buzzworthy...

The Most Delayed Games Ever

382w ago - How long does it take to make a game? How long's a piece of string? There's obviously no simple answer because every new hardware generation brings greater expectations and puts more demands on developers. However, most would agree that a decade to make a game is a bit excessive.

So here's a celebration - or should we call it a mockery? - of games that went a little over their original release dates, not to mention budgets. Were they worth the wait? Let us know in the comments field at the bottom of the page.

Prey (3D Realms, 1995 - 2006)

To be fair to 3D Realms it was grand ambition rather than bad management that was to be Prey's undoing. The game was first announced back in 1995 with Tom Hall (of id software and Ion Storm fame) heading the project. However, after a year Hall left the company and the project was passed over to Paul Schuytema. While Schuytema kept the alien abduction theme he introduced a wildly ambitious (at least for its time) portal dynamic that allowed players to teleport around levels. These 'space rip' features were demoed to great accalim at E3 in both 1997 and 1998 but technical problems with the engine saw the game stutter to an embarrassing halt.

After much tweaking and re-writing the game was eventually resurrected in 2001 when more potent technology...
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