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Nintendo Wii D2CKey and D2Pro Mod-Chip Source Code Available 400°
289w ago - This weekend d2project has made available the source code for two Nintendo Wii mod-chips, namely the D2CKey and D2Pro Mod-Chip.

To quote: "This is the official open source repository for d2ckey and d2pro. VHDL, MN102 drivecode, and Gamecube configuration / update discs is hosted here.

All code is licensed under GPL v3. If you are interested in contributing to this or similar projects please contact the project owner."

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Wii Infectus Argon D2C2 / D2C Wasabus BETA 2 released! 50°
358w ago - OscarHS has posted over at the Infectus Forums (linked above) the following today:

Ohhhhhh... finally we are ready to start BETA2 firmware testing... this ZIP FILE has inside all necessary to test ARGON on the new D2C2 boards... and not only this!!!

This firmware include the D2C support with ALL THE OLD BUGS FIXED, so is good for all users that didn't install ARGON 9 WIRES before cause the EJECT etc bugs reported!!...

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Wii D2C consoles now working with Argon Mod by Infectus! 250°
384w ago - Infectus has shared a picture of their new Argon Mod for the Wii working with a D2C PAL Wii console.

To quote: Here first HIGH RES picture of ARGON 13 wires installed on a D2C PAL WII!!!

Many customers are asking in these days if ARGON is or not compatible with US and JAP WII... well teorically it works without any problem on them, this because all consoles have the same DVD controller, BUT the 100% confirmation will...

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Infectus unveils Argon Wii D2C Mod-Chip! 50°
386w ago - To quote from the link above: BIG news about infectus on WII D2C, the new WII firmware that work great on ALL CURRENT INFECTUS is ready and allow to install the modchip with only 13 wires on the D2C WII consoles.


When the firmware for INFECTUS will be available online?
The same day when ARGON WII will...

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FlexPCB - a quicker way to install D2CKey for Wii owners! 50°
387w ago - The creators of D2CKey have announced the arrival of the FlexPCB, which aims to speed up the installation process of the D2CKey.

To quote: The FlexPCB for D2CKey streamlines installation of D2CKey reducing the overall time spend fitting the chip. The FlexPCB is available seperately at additional cost.

Although installation with the FlexPCB is quicker, installation of D2CKey is still best left to professional, experienced...

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Infectus Mod works on Wii D2C, just 13 wires! 50°
388w ago - Received this via e-mail (please remember, you can submit your own news everyone) so here goes:

The Infectus team has posted up a message that their mod works fine with the D2C Wii chipset and requires just 13 wires which is inclusive of the gnd and vcc.

They state that in the next few days, a new version of the programmer will be released for this functionality. For the latest...

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Wii D2CKey Installation Guide and updated information available! 50°
394w ago - Those interested can check out the Installation Guide v1.0.1 in PDF format and the chip specs below:

Download: D2CKey Installation Guide v1.0.1

Access control LEDs

LED 1: disc access indicator.
LED 2: data patching indicator:

* Flashes smoothly during disc insertion and detection
* Lit when backup is detected (after...

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Wii 50°
394w ago - A few days ago we reported of the Wii "D2C" Chip pictures, and today their Web site (linked above) has gone live for those who own a Wii "D2C" model and are experienced in PCB soldering.

Dubbed the D2CKey, current details on the chip are as follows:

  • Direct boot of Wii and Gamecube games, on-the-fly region patching, audiostreaming fix and more...
  • Compatible with most DVD+/-R and RW media (no bitsetting...

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    Infamous Wii 50°
    394w ago - To quote: We have received the new D2C photo that shows an incredible 30 wire connection, a really difficult wiring routine! The chip introduces a new technology that confuse the Wii reader, it don't modify RAM and all BCA are implemented.

    Technical data:

    30 wire connection
    ACTEL processor, a must!!!
    Direct Boot from Wii games (extreme compatibility, more than Wiikey)
    Dirct boot for every GC game

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