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Video: Dynamic PS3 Warzone Theme is Released 550°
May 11, 2012 // 7:59 pm - Last weekend I released a Freddy Krueger Dynamic PS3 Theme for PlayStation 3 fans and here is my latest called Dynamic PS3 Warzone Theme with a video demo below!

Download: Dynamic PS3 Warzone Theme


  • Theme By Mr. Shizzy
  • Icons from Faxtron's Sin City Theme
  • Dynamic Tools/Guide: Glowball
  • for supporting my works

Video Preview:


Video: Finding Nemo Custom Dynamic PS3 Theme is Now Released 700°
April 25, 2012 // 3:06 pm - Here is my first official Finding Nemo Custom Dynamic PS3 Theme release. I have made many more, and plan on uploading them as I have time to make all the previews etc.

Download: Finding Nemo Custom Dynamic PS3 Theme

This theme I made for my daughter. It is the shark scene from the movie Finding Nemo.

This theme is in .p3t format and will work on all PS3 systems both official firmware and custom firmware. This theme was created and tested on my 4.11 OFW PS3 system.



Video: PS3 Dynamic Theme Editor & Color Boot Animation Guides 500°
April 9, 2011 // 5:56 pm - Today zembor0 has released a PS3 Dynamic Theme Editor alongside Color Boot Animation guides and videos below.

Download: PS3 Dynamic Theme Editor (32-bit) / PS3 Dynamic Theme Editor (64-bit) / TrilogyLogo.gtf_1 / SOT_Theme_BackGround.gtf_1 / CircularSmoke_01.gtf_1...


PSP Custom Theme Converter v1.4.0.0 Released! 50°
October 16, 2008 // 3:51 pm - Alongside Sony's PSP Firmware 5.00 Update they have also released an updated version of their PlayStation Portable Custom Theme Converter.

Download: PSP Custom Theme Converter v1.4.0.0

Although the included documentation is in Japanese, based on a rough translation it appears this update adds support for replacing the "Internet Search" and "Account Management" first-level icons...


Official Custom Theme Converter v1.2.0.0 for PSP out! 50°
December 19, 2007 // 9:11 am - Following the recent firmware 3.80 release, Sony has updated its custom theme creation utility to version The update is relatively minor, adding support for editing the Internet Radio icon found in 3.80.

Download: PSP Custom Theme Converter v1.2.0.0 / User Guide

Note that themes built with this version of the Custom Theme converter are not backwards compatible with Firmware older than 3.80.


PS3 Custom Themes available along with English Custom Theme Tool! 50°
November 8, 2007 // 12:58 pm - Earlier today we posted on the Japanese Custom Theme Tool, and now that PS3 Firmware v2.00 is available directly from Sony's Web site linked above they have also made available (3) PS3 Custom Themes along with an English Custom Theme Tool.

Download: English PS3 Custom Theme Tool

PS3 Themes: Pixels / Nature...


Sony PSP Custom Theme Converter released! 50°
September 28, 2007 // 1:23 pm - Today Sony's official Japanese site (linked above) has released a new PSP Custom Theme Converter utility. It allows users to create custom themes for firmware 3.70 and above.

Download: PSP Custom Theme Converter

Included is a PDF file detailing how to create new themes, but unfortunately it is in Japanese. If anyone wishes to translate it post below, or check back (hopefully) for an English version of the utility at a later date.


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