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CSR reveals $10 Bluetooth MP3 player 50°
November 25, 2007 // 1:51 pm - A Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player with an electronics material cost of less than $10 has been announced by Cambridge-based CSR, which is aiming the technology at the low end of the MP3 market.

"This is a single chip, low power, low cost, integrated Bluetooth-enabled MP3 player," said Karen Parnell, consumer marketing manager, CSR. "The Bluecore player is really aimed at the low end to help new entrants in the market to reap higher margins, or sustain margins, by adding extra functionality in the form of Bluetooth."

The BlueCore Player is based on the BlueCore5-Multimedia...


Sony CSR: What? No! Dust Doesn't Void Your PS3 Warranty! 50°
November 11, 2007 // 4:25 pm - Sony CSR admitted to reader Ive that dust should not void a Playstation 3's warranty. Transcript and audio, after the jump.

Ive: I'm calling just to pretty much clarify the PS3's warranty, if there's any clause in the warranty that makes it so that if the PS3 is too dusty that the warranty is void.

CSR: No.

Ive: No?

CSR: No. The only way that it, um, voided is if it was neglected, um, abused, dropped or anything like, modificated like if you opened it up, modification, if you didn't have your receipt, um, any power failures like mother nature...


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