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PSP Go Box Design Lends More Credibility to Slim PS3 Rumors

300w ago - Ever since shots of Sony's new PSP Go have surfaced, some similarities between it and the rumored PS3 Slim box have been the subject of debate.

Both boxes share similar font, a horizontal band and similar placement of device specifications such as the memory capacity.

To quote: Remember when those slim PS3 shots came out and skeptics bemoaned the missing "spiderman font" as proof of mischief?

Well, if you believe that the PSP Go is a lock, and really, at this point there's no reason to doubt it, then a side-by-side shot of the PSP Go and slim PS3 box art should be quite revealing... and it is.

Note the similar font, horizontal band, and general placement of device specs like memory capacity. Pretty similar, thus giving the slim PS3 rumor that much more weight.

If this is the new slim PS3 then the only question now is whether it'll be unveiled at E3 next week or not.

Does Microsoft's 'Sony Franchise Theft' Hurt Their Own Credibility?

332w ago - The latest one was Tekken 6, but it didn't start there, and with John Schappert's recent comments about him wanting MGS4 for his system, the X360, it probably won't be the last one they will try for.

However, while there are pros to this situation in that more people will be able to play these games, is there a downside to all of this?

I certainly think so, and it lies with one simple notion: That by continuing to persuade these third party companies to make the franchises that made the Playstation 2 the clear winner multiplatform and giving MS exclusive perks, Microsoft is instead hurting their own credibility and admitting that without these franchises, they can't compete as well as they would if they didn't have them.

Now, before you flame me for being a PS3 fanboy (I'm not) and dismiss this as "flame bait", hear me out on this one.

As a company, you wouldn't want to admit defeat at any point in your time. Of course, the further into history such defeat goes, the less damage it will do to your bottom line to bring it up again. For Microsoft, the original Xbox didn't suffer a total defeat, but it was far from close to the Playstation 2's dominance last generation.

Why? Because the Playstation 2 had a combination of both first party and third party support...
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