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Court Sides with Sony on PSN Terms, LulzSec Hacker Pleads Guilty 350°
April 6, 2012 // 12:47 am - Recently a Northern California district court sided with Sony (PDF) on their TOS change requiring disputes to be resolved through arbitration, while LulzSec hacker Cody Kretsinger pleaded guilty to one count each of conspiracy and unauthorized impairment of a protected computer.

To quote from


Sony Confirms AT&T Mobility Ruling Spurred New PSN TOS Change 800°
September 21, 2011 // 6:43 pm - Last week we reported that the PSN Terms were updated followed by how to Opt-Out of the new Class Action waiver, and today Sony confirms to CNN (linked above) that the AT&T Mobility v. Concepcion (PDF) US Supreme Court ruling earlier this year spurred...


Spanish Court Rules Nintendo DS Flash Carts Add Functionality 100°
November 24, 2009 // 7:35 pm - Nintendo has been making quite an effort to fight against several DS flash carts.

However, their complaints against devices such as the R4 card have been dismissed by Spanish Judge D. Gregorio Alvarez who ruled that the respective devices can actually add functionality to the Nintendo DS meaning it's not all about piracy.

To quote: "A judge in Salamanca, Spain has taken a much more nuanced view of it in a case pitting Nintendo against Grupo Movilquick, who produced...


California Appeals Game Law to US Supreme Court 500°
May 20, 2009 // 6:35 pm - What can only be summed up as California taking notes from George W. Bush on how to get the masses distracted and angry at something other than a crippled economy.

The State of California is appealing to a bill that would ban the sales of violent video games in the state. The battle for this bill (despite the you know... crippling economy in California and all) has cost the state almost a quarter of a million dollars in tax payers money.

The original author of this bill State Senator Leland Yee (pictured below, so you all know who to not vote for again next...


Pirate Bay Founders Lose Court Case, Can't Pay so Now Jailed 350°
April 17, 2009 // 12:48 pm - Last we heard, the Pirate Bay trial verdict was due on April 17, 2009. That day is today and a Swedish court has jailed the four guys behind The Pirate Bay in the landmark case.

The Four men behind the site were found guilty of breaking copyright law and were sentenced by the judge to a year in jail. The group were also ordered to pay $4.5m (£3m) in damages according to the BBC.

To quote: Frederik Neij, Gottfrid Svartholm Warg, Carl Lundstrom...


Court rejects Appeal over Deaths on Sam Donaldson's NM Ranch 50°
May 21, 2008 // 12:35 am - A state court has rejected a move to reinstate a lawsuit against makers of a video game played by a teenager who killed three of his family members in 2004.

The killings occurred on newsman Sam Donaldson's ranch in southern New Mexico.

The lawsuit had alleged that the video game "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City" contributed to the killings because Cody Posey played the game "obsessively" and it trained him to act out the violence when he shot and killed his father, stepmother and stepsister in July 2004. He was 14 at the time of the killings.



eBay sues Craigslist ad Web site 50°
April 23, 2008 // 10:15 pm - The online auction giant eBay is suing the popular internet community ad site Craigslist to "safeguard its four-year financial investment".

In a statement, eBay claimed that in January, Craigslist executives took actions that "unfairly diluted eBay's economic interest by more than 10%". No details of those actions were given by eBay.

In its company blog, Craigslist said it was surprised and disappointed by eBay's "unfounded allegations". The company said eBay's legal action "came to us out of the blue".

The case, which is sealed, has been filed in a court...


Nintendo Ordered by the HK High Court to Remove Press Release 50°
December 3, 2007 // 4:08 pm - SupremeFactory, the manufacture/distribution center of Divineo recently raided by Nintendo, has issued a "press release" today (available at the link above, or below).

Max Louarn et al. claims Nintendo has violated an agreement in their previously-released Press Release not to divulge any details of the raid "except for the purposes of the proceeding" by issuing their own press release.

Unfortunately, this action could also be labeled a violation of the...


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