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Sony in Class Action Suit Over PS3 Firmware 3.0 Problems

282w ago - Update: If you possess one of these bricked PS3 drives, please see HERE.

Additionally, GameSpot has reported of two gamers (one from Texas, the other Iowa) who also are suing Sony over these very issues.

A man from Florida has filed a law-suit against Sony over their recent PS3 3.0 Firmware update. The suit alleges that the Firmware update caused his PS3, like several others, to malfunction and requires an "expensive fix."

To quote: "A complaint filed by lead plaintiff John Kennedy, and originally unearthed by Courthouse News, claimed that 'thousands of Sony PS3 video game owners who downloaded a system software update required by Sony found that the update caused their PS3 units to malfunction and actually damaged the hardware on many units.'

The suit claimed that Sony is charging $150 to repair PS3s with 'sustained hardware damage' from the update.

Sony released a major update to the...

Spore DRM Invokes Global Class Action Law Suit Against EA

336w ago - It appears a global class action law suit is going to hit EA over the DRM used in Spore. The 36-page PDF document is available for viewing all the details.

The suit attacks the DRM used in Spore, citing that consumers are not told fully about it before purchase that it is a separate and stand-alone program which will download, install and operate on their computers.

Even if the game is deleted, the SecuROM DRM remains a permanent fixture on the consumers hard drive until it is formatted.

This law suit asserts it is going to fight that EA purposely never told consumers that the Spore game disk never had this second hidden program (DRM) which is secretly installed on computers.
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