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PSP LCS CheatDevice v1.0g released! 50°
October 15, 2007 // 11:25 am - Following the release of his updated Vice City Stories CheatDevice for CFW, Edison Carter has now updated his Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories CheatDevice. This revision adds support for all Custom Firmware to date, including the latest 3.71 M33.

Download: PSP LCS CheatDevice v1.0g PRX for CFW


PSP VCS CheatDevice v2.4 PRX released! 50°
October 12, 2007 // 5:09 pm - Edison Carter released an updated GTA:VCS CheatDevice for PSP today.

Download: PSP VCS CheatDevice v2.4 PRX


v2.4: 3.10OE-A and higher and 3.71 M33 supported!


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