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Bushing Reports on Returning Modified Wii Consoles for Repair

305w ago - It seems that Nintendo is now charging almost to full price for a Nintendo Wii if you've installed unsigned code on the machine that resulted in a 'bricked' console.

To quote: I've been asked whether installing the Homebrew Channel (or Twilight Hack or whatever) will void the warranty on a Wii. I've generally said something like "Technically, yes, but I doubt they will enforce that."

This seemed reasonable, given some of the anecdotes I've heard – stories of people ruining their drives with a soldering iron and still getting free repair work done under warranty, etc. I've also said that if a Wii is bricked (and won't boot), then they have no way of actually checking to see what is installed on the Wii – and I still believe that to be true, at least most of the time.

I'll be the first to admit that was wrong, given some recent evidence. My German's pretty bad, but I see ".... Softwarehack ... EUR 210″. That seems awfully excessive, given that the price of a new Wii is EUR 250, no?

I would write this off as an isolated incident – maybe someone installed some truly awful warezloading hack. However, I was sent the following email through an anonymous remailer last month, and it would seem to support the invoice above:

From: (deleted)

Bushing releases Xyzzy Tool to grab Keys from Wii Consoles

345w ago - Bushing has released a tool for grabbing the keys from your Wii console. To quote: This isn't the prettiest code I've ever written - it doesn't have much of an interface, and I just threw this release together in a few minutes.

However, it's been exceedingly useful to me, and hopefully some of you will find it useful, too. I'll quote the README here:

Download: Xyzzy v1.0

This program will do the following, automatically:

- Download IOS11 from the Nintendo Update Server
- Patch it to remove the MEM2 protection (so the PPC can access all 64MB of it)
- Patch it to allow it to delete itself later using ES_DeleteTitle()
- Find an unused IOS slot (counting downward from IOS255)
- Install the hacked IOS11 there
- Reboot into the hacked IOS
- Copy the private key structure from the IOS address space into MEM1
- Reboot back into a sane IOS
- Delete the temporary, hacked IOS
- Display the keys on screen
- Try to write them to a file on the SD card – keys.txt
- Pause for 60 seconds to allow you to copy the keys down using pen and paper, if necessary

I wrote this a week or two after I killed a Wii trying to reproduce tmbinc's original...
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