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Argon 2 JTAG 1.8 Firmware & Injectus Programmer Available!

Argon 2 JTAG 1.8 Firmware & Injectus Programmer Available! 50°
316w ago - For those who missed our review, the Argon 2 is a new 4th Generation Mod-chip for the Nintendo Wii console.

Today Argon 2 Firmware 1.8 and the Injectus Programmer is now available from www.ArgonChannel.com!

Download: Argon 2 JTAG 1.8 Firmware & Injectus Programmer


UPDATE to support DMS/D2B/D2A consoles! Actel firmwares and Flash firmwares to program argon2 by INJECTUS JTAG programmer.

JTAG update is necessary only if there are new consoles on the market or if the Modchip for any reason is not programmed from factory.

If the ARGON2 is installed on a supported console is NOT necessary to use the PROGRAMMER for updates, ARGON2 is INTERNET and DVD updatable
Firmware version: 1.8

Changelog 1.8: Fixed support of DMS D2B D2A consoles on ARGON2.


1- Switch of INJECTUS need to be setup BOTH to "ON"
2- Injectus can program ARGON2 only if it is installed, to allow programm ARGON2 uninstalled you should do a little bridge on INJECTUS. A clear...

Review: Argon 2 Fourth Generation Chip for the Nintendo Wii

Review: Argon 2 Fourth Generation Chip for the Nintendo Wii 50°
317w ago - Recently Team InFeCtuS has launched their new 4th Generation Mod-chip for the Nintendo Wii console.

The Argon 2 is both updatable via Internet and solderless, and also capable of running Wii homebrew software available at www.ArgonChannel.com.

Today we review the Argon 2 drive enhancement chip for the Wii.

I will start with my first impression of the chip itself. In size it is just a fraction larger that the infectus chip, which is not bad at all considering it has an integrated official wiiclip built in.

A quick video of it in action:

Please note: (many others need you to solder one on if you plan to use one with their chip, thus adding to the size of the chip needing it, then you have the added hasle of figuring out which one you need, and once you do solder it on... wait didn't you want a wiiclip because you're not so handy at soldering?)

So for the average user this chip is DIY, and plug-n-play via wiiclip. The PCB hardware itself is solid, and it is easy to see that it is of high quality. That being said, let's get down to actually putting the chip to use.

Upon first installing it my first test was with a dvd-rw,...

Nintendo Wii Argon SPI D2E Chip Firmware A2P250 Available!

Nintendo Wii Argon SPI D2E Chip Firmware A2P250 Available! 50°
338w ago - To quote OscarHS from the link above: Dear Customers,

BACK AGAIN ON THE SCENE... here the D2E firmware for ARGON SPI, VERSION JAP / US / PAL! Pls. take care on the diagram, there are some little changes... all is inside the RAR file...

Download: Argon 2.2 D2E Firmware

The firmware was tested here on D2C2 and D2E only and works great... but inside there is the support of D2C and DMS consoles... is apreciated a feedback on these two too...

We didn't lose too much time to test old consoles, the priority is to give something real full working for D2E and D2C2! After we get positive feedbacks from users here we will compile the version for A3P125.

Sorry for delay but we are FULL working on ARGON2 that soon will be here... this new modchip will introduce new features that no competitors has.. like 9 months ago ARGON SPI did with 13 wires...


Let's go with testing!!!


Wii Infectus Argon D2C2 / D2C Wasabus BETA 2 released!

Wii Infectus Argon D2C2 / D2C Wasabus BETA 2 released! 50°
351w ago - OscarHS has posted over at the Infectus Forums (linked above) the following today:

Ohhhhhh... finally we are ready to start BETA2 firmware testing... this ZIP FILE has inside all necessary to test ARGON on the new D2C2 boards... and not only this!!!

This firmware include the D2C support with ALL THE OLD BUGS FIXED, so is good for all users that didn't install ARGON 9 WIRES before cause the EJECT etc bugs reported!!

Download: Wii Infectus Argon D2C2 / D2C Wasabus BETA 2

I'd remember to all to read careful the README.TXT file in the RAR file... !!! This is a BETA2 version, not final version, we are waiting here all the results on D2C boards and D2C2 boards...


Injectus Jtag/Argon Programmer arrives!

Injectus Jtag/Argon Programmer arrives! 50°
374w ago - Infectus has released the first pics of their Injectus Jtag/Argon (Wiitkus) Programmer today.

Picture below, and to quote: This revolutionary programmer is very CHEAPER and is the only one in the market that support JTAG programming of ACTEL A3P family in a very easy way. Very HOT product for all DEVELOPERS of VHDL codes.

INJECTUS JTAG is provide with a very easy standard connector where all users can connect FLAT CABLES of INFECTUS PRODUCTS FAMILY. All ARGON users can use this little programmer to update argon firmware simple connecting the ARGON flat cable.

Some users ask us WHY don't update the modchips by CD or DVD like WIIKEY...

Answer is very simple, with JTAG we have the 100% power to change anything inside the modchip, this allow us to release new unbelivables versions of ARGON firmwares that suppport for example FEW WIRES or new nice features.. WIIKEY didn't works on D2C console simply because a software update cannot change the logical works of the modchip, with JTAG solution we can.

Another reason was because with JTAG we can change completely the firmware of ARGON modchips, if in the future there will be a new solution for OTHER NEW CONSOLES not only WII but other BRAND TOO, we can simple release firmware and customers have in the hands a complete...

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