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Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG Amstrad CPC 8-Bit Emulator PS3 Port Arrives 250°
163w ago - Not long ago PlayStation 3 homebrew developer Rtype released a Hatari v1.6.1 DBG Atari Emulator PS3 port, and today he is back with a Caprice32 4.1.0 DBG emulator port for PS3 as well.

For those unaware, Caprice32 is a software emulator of the Amstrad CPC 8-bit home computer series. The emulator faithfully imitates...

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PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.4.1 out! 50°
361w ago - Zx-81 has updated his 8-bit Amstrad CPC emulator known as PSPCAP32 today. The emulator is a direct port of Ulrich Doewich's Caprice32, originally written for Windows and Unix, albeit with various PSP specific enhancements.

In addition to a bug fix regarding CRTC emulation, version 1.4.1 adds support for two virtual drives, allowing users to mount the Amstrad-compatible SymbOS on one, while storing application and game disks on...

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PSPCAP32 v1.3.4 Amstrad CPC Emulator update released! 50°
383w ago - Zx-81 has released an update to his Amstrad CPC emulator for the PSP. Version 1.3.4 includes numerous speed optimizations and bug fixes. The full changelog is detailed below.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.4 for 3.X CFW / PSPCAP32 v1.3.4 for FW 1.5

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PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.3.3 out! 50°
384w ago - Zx-81 has released an update to his Amstrad CPC emulator for PSP. Version 1.3.3 features speed improvements that provide up to an additional 3 FPS when running at 222MHz clock.

Other notable changes include new configurable hotkey settings as well as bug fixes. Below is the complete changelog.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.3 for 3.X CFW...

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PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.3.2 out! 50°
389w ago - Zx-81 has updated PSPCAP32 today, an Amstrad CPC emulator for PSP.

Version 1.3.2 features many new additions and bug fixes, including improved IR keyboard support and an option to display graphics in monochrome.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.3.2 for CFW 3.X / PSPCAP32 v1.3.2 for FW 1.5

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Caprice32 PSP v4.2.0.0 released! 50°
391w ago - Uberjack has ported Ulrich Doewich's original Amstrad CPC emulator Caprice32 to PSP. The PSP port is written in C/C++ and uses GU (Graphical Utility toolkit) for rendering.

Download: Caprice32 for FW 1.5 / Caprice32 for CFW

Caprice32 is the latest addition to the collection...

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PSPCAP32: Amstrad CPC Emulator for PSP v1.2.0 out! 50°
399w ago - Zx-81 updated to v1.2.0 today with the changelog below. For those who haven't seen previous versions, Caprice32 is one of the best emulator of the Amstrad CPC home computer series running on Windows and Unix, written by Ulrich Doewich. This emulator faithfully imitates the CPC464, CPC664, and CPC6128 models.

Download: PSPCAP32 v1.2.0 for 1.5...

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