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XBReboot v0.05 8955_1 for Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper-16 is out! 550°
December 3, 2009 // 6:40 am - As a follow-up to the previous release comes XBReboot v0.05 8955_1 for Zephyr, Falcon and Jasper-16 today.

They are all available with the latest 8955_1 patch revision now, so each 16mb motherboard can now run XBR v0.05 8955_1!

Only support for Jasper 256/512mb motherboards is still missing now. Don't forget to inject your own KeyVault and Config before flashing.

Download: XBR Zephyr...


Free60 JTAG / SMC XeLL Hack for Jasper 16MB Motherboards 350°
November 9, 2009 // 11:38 pm - After the release of the hack for Xenon, Falcon/Opus and Zephyr XBox 360 motherboards, today we get the Free60 JTAG / SMC XeLL Hack for Jasper (v4) motherboards with 16MB NAND chips (so NOT compatible with 256 & 512MB NAND yet).


New Jasper XBox 360 Consoles Come with a Smaller PSU 200°
July 19, 2009 // 6:01 am - The image below shows a regular Jasper PSU and right below the PSU (which is about 1/4th smaller) from an Arcade Jasper-based Xbox360 with 512MB internal MU manufactured in May 2009.

The new PSU is still 150W, so no change there.

To quote legueux, roughly translated from French:

nono85 us back information on the power supply for Xbox 360 which has seen its size reduced by a quarter compared to blocks distributed so far.

The block at the top of the picture corresponding to a distributed power 150w with Jasper in March 2009.


New XBox 360 Jasper Motherboard with 512MB Internal MU Found 550°
June 16, 2009 // 11:12 pm - There's a new XBox 360 Jasper motherboard with a 4gbit Samsung NAND inside. This will give users 512Mbytes internal Memory Unit compared to the old Jasper motherboard which came with 256Mbytes.

Braza has posted pictures of a new Jasper motherboard with a 4gbit Samsung NAND inside.

To quote: This XBox 360 is a Japanese Arcade SKU made on April 9th 2009. The motherboard still seems like a Jasper-model, only real change seems to be the NAND.

The extra space is all used to give you a larger...


Jasper XBox 360 Pro Acquired: the Photograph is Proof 50°
December 29, 2008 // 9:35 pm - So yeah, finding an Xbox 360 Jasper in Arcade form isn't all that difficult these days, but we certainly haven't seen a glut of Pro models shipping out with the supposedly cooler, smoother and altogether more melancholy Jasper hardware within.

A lucky soul over at PDAToday has acquired one such unit, and while he may just be incredibly fortunate, we'd say it's about time you to-be Pro owners start looking out for a few telltale signs.

As you can see in the closeups in the read link, there here FDOU team Pro -which was ordered from Amazon on December 22nd- boasts...


Microsoft's XBox 360 Jasper: Guide on How to Find One 50°
December 10, 2008 // 8:40 pm - Courtesy of Engadget, Ben Heck has recently dissected a Microsoft XBox 360 Jasper console and says that checking the amperage rating near the barcode (you can see through the hole in the packaging) is the most sure-fire way to find a Jasper to date.

In summary, if it says 14.2 amps it's a Falcon unit (65nm CPU, 90nm GPU), 12.1 amps makes it a Jasper unit (65nm CPU, 65nm GPU).

Those interested can check out the full article (linked above) for additional details and complete disassembly documentation with step-by-step pictures.

Below is...


Microsoft's XBox 360 Jasper Motherboard in the Wild 250°
November 28, 2008 // 9:35 pm - It looks like the first Jasper motherboards (which should have the new 65nm GPU) are now out in the wild! To quote: Moddage posted pictures of his new Jasper 360 on our forums and we also received some pictures from The Dude Z. Both are Arcade SKUs made 10-23-2008 Lot #0843X by Team FDOU.

The new power supply (pictured below) is now 150W (25W less than those used with Falcon boards), and the plug has of course been changed so u can't plugin this PSU into an older motherboard.

Other unannounced change... the onboard flash chip has grown from 16MB to 256MB....


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