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PS3 Game Releases List

Date Region Firmware PS3 Game & Release Group Size Nuke NFO
02-25-2015   N/A Dragon Quest Heroes Yamiryu to Sekaiju no Shiro JPN PS3-Caravan 97x200 No
02-24-2015   N/A Under Night In-Birth Exe Late PS3-DUPLEX 28x50 No
02-21-2015   N/A Dragonball Xenoverse PS3-PROTOCOL 67x100 No
02-19-2015   N/A Dead or Alive 5 Last Round JPN PS3-JRP 28x300 No
02-16-2015   N/A Rewrite JPN PS3-HR 67x150 No
02-11-2015   N/A Dark Souls II Scholar of the First Sin JPN PS3-HR No
02-11-2015   N/A Far Cry 4 JPN PS3-HR 79x100 No
02-11-2015   N/A Sengoku Musou 4 II JPN PS3-Caravan 79x100 No
02-08-2015   N/A BioShock Infinite Complete Edition JPN PS3-HR 82x150 No
02-07-2015   N/A Dragon Ball Xenoverse JPN PS3-HR 67x100 No
02-06-2015   N/A Motorbike Racing Pack PS3-RESPAWN 53x200  
02-04-2015   N/A Ukiyo no Shishi JPN PS3-HR No
01-28-2015   N/A LEGO Movie The Game JPN PS3-HR 59x100 No
01-28-2015   N/A Bladestorm Hyakunen Sensou and Nightmare JPN PS3-Caravan 59x100 No
01-25-2015   N/A LEGO Marvel Super Heroes The Game JPN PS3-HR 65x100 No
01-24-2015   N/A Tales of Zestiria JPN PS3-HR 83x300 No
01-16-2015   N/A Saints Row Gat out of Hell PS3-DUPLEX 55x100 No
01-12-2015   N/A Singstar Frozen PS3-RESPAWN 62x50 No
01-11-2015   N/A Little Big Planet 3 JPN PROPER PS3-HR 78x100 No
01-11-2015   N/A Teslagrad PS3-RESPAWN 13x50 No

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