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May 4, 2010 // 4:36 pm - NIS America's PR/Marketing Coordinator Nao Zook has announced that What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 for PSP arrives today.

To quote: Today, May 4th, What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 was released to retailers nationwide!!

Just like the original My Lord, this newly released My Lord 2 has lots of humor and American pop culture references! You can definitely expect to find yourself chuckling while playing it.

So, what's new with this sequel, you may ask? You already know that there are more heroes and different kinds of monsters, right? Let's talk about the new game systems!

First of all, the interface has been greatly improved, as you can see from the screenshot. The Monster Bar shown at the bottom of the screen tells you the ratio of monsters you have created in your dungeon.

This will give you a better idea of which monsters you should focus on creating more of, or ones you might need to thin out. Remember, balance is the key! Also, the orange, bolded text shown on the top part of the screen are comments from the heroes. Some old wise man once said, "The annoyance of heroes makes annoying comments!"

It's so true! But don't be distracted by it! The good thing is that you have the option to turn off the sliding text if you don't want to see what the heroes are saying.

The white text above the Monster Bar is "Heaven's Voice." It tells you when mutations occur or something else changes in the monsters' habitat. The red square box in the bottom left corner is the "Live Camera," which shows what the heroes and Badman are up to!

Let's talk about "Badman's Chamber," shall we? "Badman's Chamber" is a training ground of sorts for you. You can modify and customize your monsters and dungeon without being interrupted by the heroes.

Here, you can observe and study how monsters grow, and how the ecosystem works. If you aren't confident in taking up the roll of "God of Destruction," you can always visit Badman's Chamber to practice. If you want to have heroes stop by your dungeon, you can absolutely add heroes from the settings for Badman's Chamber.

* You can modify your monsters too!

Oh, I have to mention the new feature, Dungeonquake! You will have to use quite a bit of Dig Power, but it will prevent mutations from happening, and it also destroys the heroes' contraptions, such as Save Flags, Traps, etc.! When the Dungeonquake happens, heroes will be stunned for a little bit, so it can be very useful if your Overlord has a close encounter with the heroes.

Before closing, I would like to emphasize that the UMD version of What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 will come with the original My Lord!? game, as bonus content! Visit the Official My Lord 2 website for the code to unlock the original game!

Or, if you already bought the game, check out the manual booklet for the code. For those who are planning to download My Lord 2 from PSN, we are offering the original title, What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? at the reasonable price of $7.99! I hope you'll enjoy both games.

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 for PSP Arrives Today

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 for PSP Arrives Today

What Did I Do to Deserve This, My Lord!? 2 for PSP Arrives Today

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#3 - CaptainHawk1 - May 6, 2010 // 11:48 pm
CaptainHawk1's Avatar
I feel like I'm in an alternate Universe right now and we all live in 1980's U.S.S.R.

[Yakov_Smirnov]In Soviet Russia, stupid PSP game plays you![/Yakov_Smirnov]

Reminds one of D & D for the Mattel Aquarius.

Never mind, I take that back. D & D was more advanced. Please provide us with a review of "Ball in a Cup" next.

#2 - Pretikewl - May 6, 2010 // 1:14 pm
Pretikewl's Avatar
I played the first one. It really is one of those type games you either love or hate.

It's a total strategy/economy kind of game and a lot of people don't understand it, which is sad because it really is a great game.

I applaud them for giving us something different and quirky. I'll be getting this one too.

#1 - santiago404 - May 6, 2010 // 1:02 am
santiago404's Avatar
plain and simple review for this game: "no, ty".