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September 24, 2012 // 1:36 am - Previously we reported that VHBL was running via a Monster Hunter Freedom Unite exploit on PlayStation Vita Firmware 1.80, followed by Sony patching it in v1.81 with wololo back this weekend demonstrating a new game exploit running VHBL once again on PS Vita Firmware 1.81.

The video shows VHBL running Wagic (Magic the Gathering simulation) and gPSP (a GBA Emulator), however, once the new game exploit is publicly disclosed Sony will likely release another PS Vita Firmware update in order to resecure their handheld console once again.

Below is the video, and to quote from wololo's blog:

Latest Sony firmware 1.81 patches the Monster hunter exploit, but as usual, Sony has been kind enough to only patch that specific game, and not prevent VHBL itself from running. The video below shows VHBL running on firmware 1.81.

This is VHBL running on an undisclosed game exploit on firmware 1.81. In the video, I'm showing VHBL running Wagic, as well as Game Boy Advance's "Advanced Wars 2″ running through the GBA Emulator gPSP. Those of you with a good sense of sight might see that this is a quite old VHBL build, that's simply because I was too lazy to re-compile to the latest version, and I didn't really have to since this old build just ran out of the box.

It is no surprise that VHBL is still running, and I understand that at this point, people might be expecting more than VHBL. This is just to show that we still have access to these exploits, so those of you who updated and regret losing homebrew access see that there are still solutions being worked on. There is of course no word on a release yet, especially since the exploit is not mine. Those who want to keep homebrew on their Vita for now should stick to 1.80 and Monster Hunter.

As a reminder, anybody who owns a PSP can look for such exploits and port VHBL to them. Nowadays it requires more luck and dedication than programming skills!

Video: VHBL New Game Exploit Running on PS Vita Firmware 1.81

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#16 - adrianc1982 - September 8, 2012 // 1:36 pm
adrianc1982's Avatar
I got it with the anouncement of ps3news, didn't even have the twitter or was registered to the wololo forums. Guess those ninja releases are in fact pretty good we all were waiting for the announcement.

#15 - ConsoleDev - September 8, 2012 // 12:21 pm
ConsoleDev's Avatar
I finally got the game (and a few days in advance before pubblic release)

Now i have just to wait for VHBL files

#14 - babyjoe00069 - September 8, 2012 // 10:54 am
babyjoe00069's Avatar
20$ well i got it was 799 in europe but wouldnt let me purchase that one for some reason.. looking forward to the files, wouldnt mind playing some emulators on the vita marvel vs capcom n what not.

#13 - adrianc1982 - September 8, 2012 // 10:21 am
adrianc1982's Avatar
I did buy the game, even though Im not planning on installing anything yet. Emulators are useless they are available in every platform ever made and we've played those games like forever. Now if we had even a psp loader that would be a different story, and Im only asking for one because kingdoms hearts is not available for the vita or crisis core

#12 - StanSmith - September 8, 2012 // 10:05 am
StanSmith's Avatar
I have enough problems with the vita crashing and locking up I don't need some homebrew helping it.

I'm going to wait for a CFW before I start messing with it. OR at least backups playing.

#11 - adrianc1982 - September 8, 2012 // 9:10 am
adrianc1982's Avatar
I already purchased monster, do you know when wololo will release the files for the exploit?

#10 - PS4 News - September 8, 2012 // 7:14 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on the UVLoader Usermode PS Vita Loader development news, this weekend wololo has officially unveiled a video of VHBL for PS Vita 1.80 running on Monster Hunter Freedom Unite below!

To quote from his blog: I forgot to upload the “proof of concept” video this morning when I announced Neur0n’s exploit for Monster Hunter, so there you go.

In this video, we are running the exploit (which is done by going to the “Download” section of the game), I then go to the “savegame” section of the memory stick in order to install some homebrews: Wagic and CSPSP.

Wagic seems particularly long to install, but this is because its resource file is a single 40MB file which takes a little while to extract an copy. You can then see me play both Wagic and CSPSP on the PS Vita through the exploit.

The Files are coming soon

Update: VHBL r160 for Vita 1.80 is now released (via as follows:

A few days ago we announced the name of the game that is being used for Neur0n’s port of VHBL for firmware 1.80: Monster hunter Freedom Unite. As I type this, Sony started removing the game from their stores, although some of the exploitable games for this release are still available in some locales, which is the first time this has happened in VHBL’s short history. Grab them while you can, and for us it is now time to release VHBL for this exploit!

Credits go of course to Neur0n for the exploit discovery, as well as for porting VHBL to it. Many thanks, as usual, to the people who initially created HBL, in particular m0skit0 and JJS. Thanks also go to dimy93 for beta testing, to the mods at /talk for their awesome help throughout the Ninja release, and to our brilliant community for making this Ninja release work, once again (this includes other websites on the scene who have done a brilliant work at mitigating leaks).

I’m sure I’m forgetting people to credit here, but you’ll have to forgive me, this release has been pretty long and exhausting. To quote neur0n: “It’s a relief to see this exploit being released, after 2 years”

Please note that VHBL has been extensively tested on Monster hunter Freedom Unite, but much less on Monster Hunter 3rd and Monster hunter Freedom 2.

Download - Choose the file that matches your game:

  • VHBL R160 for Monster Hunter Freedom Unite and Monster Hunter Portable 2ndG (US/EU/JP) (Recommended, this is the most extensively tested version):
  • VHBL R160 for Monster Hunter Portable 3rd (JP):
  • VHBL R160 for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (EU):

How to Install and Run HBL on Monster hunter Freedom Unite

  • It is *strongly* recommended that you turn of all wireless connections on your PS Vita, and that you use OpenCMA on your PC instead of the regular CMA. This is recommended because otherwise your console has a way to force you to upgrade the firmware even before you get a chance to use the exploit.
  • Extract the HBL archive matching your version of the game in your CMA PSP Savedata folder. It is a folder on your PC named PSSAVEDATA/[lots of random characters here]. If you don’t know where it is, check your settings in CMA
  • Connect your PS Vita to the PC through the CMA, it should give you the possibility to copy the savedata from your PC to the Vita. If not, you probably extracted it in the wrong folder. (Note: You will also want to install some homebrews with a similar technique, read the section below)
  • To run HBL, start the game, and the savegame should load automatically. Once you reach the main menu, click on “Download” and select “yes” to whatever question is being asked. At this point, VHBL should start. See the video below for a more “visual” explanation

How to Install and Run Homebrews

Installing homebrews on the PSP was an easy task. On the Vita, until better solutions are provided, it’s quite a pain in the ass.
The CMA will only let you copy savedata, and will not recursively browse folders.

To address this, HBL comes with a tool that can extract archives with a specific structure.

Packaging the homebrew for installation on the Vita:

1) download PSP homebrews from your favorite website
2) extract the homebrew somewhere on your hard drive, and with your favorite utility, zip it again with the store setting (no compression), in a file that you will name “INSTALL.ZIP” (uppercase is important). If your compression tool does not have compression options, I recommend 7zip.
3) take any PSP savedata (but not the one used for HBL!), and add the “INSTALL.ZIP” to that folder, in your PC CMA folder. so your PSP Savedata will look something like this: in folder PSSAVEDATA/1a2b3c4def5678/UCUS12345000/ (or something like this) you will have the following files:

  • ICON0.png
  • PIC1.png
  • DATA.bin

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#9 - Abkarino - September 7, 2012 // 7:26 am
Abkarino's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by dsavage View Post
what good is user ? isn't kernal whats needed to run backups ?

can someone explain the benfit of user access ?

User mode allow us to run a homebrew like emulators, file manager, media players and so on except a backup manager that need a low level access to hardware like memory mapping and so on.

Kernel mode allow us to do every thing we need then, we can code a backup manager if we have any valid kernel exploit or a way to run an application in kernel mode.

#8 - crud26 - September 6, 2012 // 10:07 am
crud26's Avatar
Great news! A step in the right direction.

#7 - 1611Andi - September 6, 2012 // 9:03 am
1611Andi's Avatar
So... Let's wait with firmware updating.