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Video: Sony Announces PlayStation Vita is Now Available in the US

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161w ago - Sony President & CEO Jack Tretton has officially announced that their new PlayStation Vita next-generation handheld console is now available in the US with some video footage below!

To quote: Today is a very exciting day for PlayStation, all of our loyal fans and the entire gaming industry. The highly anticipated PlayStation Vita, our next generation handheld gaming device, is now officially available here in the US.

We celebrated this momentous occasion from coast to coast last night, kicking off at a midnight event in New York where an enthusiastic crowd from the PlayStation Nation came to get their PS Vita units.

When we set out to create PS Vita, we were determined to deliver the best handheld gaming experience the industry has ever seen, an experience that would rival current consoles and set the bar infinitely higher for those exploring the portable gaming space. In the year following its announcement, you've heard us throw around words like "revolutionary," "innovative," "game-changing" and more.

In the past few weeks, fans like yourselves and members of the press have begun to share in our sentiments. Early reviews have hailed PS Vita as "the best handheld ever made" and "the most advanced portable gaming system ever made." It's clear that PS Vita is making a phenomenal impression on gamers across the world.

Once you have your PS Vita in hand, the choices are yours. With 25 titles available at launch, more than 70 others in development, and fan-favorite franchises such as Call of Duty, UNCHARTED, Assassin's Creed, Resistance, Mortal Kombat and new IP like Unit 13 coming to your PS Vita, the hardest decision will be where to start.

Our goal is to ensure that PS Vita owners are never without new entertainment choices. We've worked hard to create a lineup of great content unlike anything you've ever seen from a handheld gaming device and to add social features, services and functionality the will continuously enhance those great experiences anytime, anywhere.

We know that PlayStation has the best fans in the business and we want to thank you for your ongoing passion and dedication. For those of you who may just be joining the PlayStation Nation we say "welcome" and to every proud new owner of a PlayStation Vita...we hope you never stop playing.

Video: Sony Announces PlayStation Vita is Now Available in the US

Video: Sony Announces PlayStation Vita is Now Available in the US

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Comments 9

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#9 - HeyManHRU - 161w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
Quote Originally Posted by NTA View Post
>_> Didn't someone get shot when the PS3 game out? Hopefully that doesn't happen again

I don't think anyone is going to get shot over a PS Vita.

I agree with SanctumSlayer, another thing that is kind of cool on the Vita are the analog sticks, it kind of pisses me off that they never really fixed the analog stick issue on the PSP or made it any better.

#8 - moja - 161w ago
moja's Avatar
I'm enjoying Uncharted right now, but it's a little annoying having to dig through the journal to find what pieces of trophies I'm missing, but at least there are cues whenever you're near one. I am just having a lot of issues trying to download demos off of the store. After 5 minutes my unit sleeps or whatever, and it effectively kills the download for me.

Guess I should just try it through a hardwired PS3 and transfer it. Other than that, system is pretty responsive 'tabbing' out of a game to the main menu screen and back. Playing Uncharted on a handheld screen is a little jarring at first, but I think I'm getting used to it.

I'd like to try some remote play action next. Anyone successfully play Ninja Gaiden Sigma or FFXIII via remote play yet?

#7 - racer0018 - 161w ago
racer0018's Avatar
What is weird is that they were on sale yesterday around here. I know cause I went to Walmart and they had them out so I bought the kids two more games. But this comes out and says that today is the day they go on sale.

#6 - NTA - 161w ago
NTA's Avatar
>_> Didn't someone get shot when the PS3 game out? Hopefully that doesn't happen again

#5 - racer0018 - 161w ago
racer0018's Avatar
I got two on the preorder. The kids have no stopped playing them. After school that is all they want to do. From the look of them and the small amount of time I spent messing around with it, I like them. Didn't really get a game I liked but still fun. I might have to get one for myself and hide it do the wife doesn't find it. We don't have AT&T service around here so only the wifi models will do for me.

#4 - croft72 - 161w ago
croft72's Avatar
So far I like my purchase of the PS Vita 3g model. But the only titles that have my attention are Uncharted: GA, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, Ridge Racer & maybe Shinobido 2. Seeing that I'm not one for playing multiplayer shooters or any of the kiddie looking games (except for Kingdom Hearts & a very limited select few), there wasn't too much to choose from at launch.

I was trying to make up my mind of getting Marvel vs Capcom 3 but since I prefer playing fighters with an arcade stick then that purchase may be a bad idea (I learned that the hard way trying to do combos playing Darkstalkers on the PSP... lol).

#3 - SanctumSlayer - 161w ago
SanctumSlayer's Avatar
I'm satisfied with the graphics on the psp for portable gaming. The biggest selling point for me on the vita is the second analog stick which should have been includEd in the psp. The second is the english Final Fantasy Type 0 might be exclusive to the vita. Which again is something that should be available for the psp.

It does have a lot of new and exciting features, but I still only see it as a trasition to something greater not yet released.

#2 - HeyManHRU - 161w ago
HeyManHRU's Avatar
The only think that makes me want to get the Vita is the graphics, I don't care about anything else, the touch screen and camera is just a waste imo.

#1 - elser1 - 161w ago
elser1's Avatar
it may have 25 launch titles or whatever but i wouldn't buy any of them.im overdosed on vita atm.. starting to annoy me, like a movie that has adds on all the time an is fully hyped, then you see it and its a bad movie.. hmm i wonder


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