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August 13, 2009 // 1:48 am - A French modder who goes by the name of flasheur has managed to get a DualShock 2 controller working with Sony's PSP console, allowing for more comfortable play when not on the go.

Some more good news... the modification is a completely detachable solution.

According to his post on (linked above), future plans include changing the cable longer, more beautiful attractive one.

Those interested can check out some pics of it as well as a video below, courtesy of YouTube. Cheers!

Video: PSP Gets a DualShock 2 Controller Mod

Video: PSP Gets a DualShock 2 Controller Mod

Video: PSP Gets a DualShock 2 Controller Mod

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#1 - Armoredraven - August 15, 2009 // 7:53 pm
Armoredraven's Avatar
Yeah. I saw this on Engadget the other day I believe (or maybe Gizmodo). I've been keeping up with PSP news for a long time and this really amazes me.

If he could make the controller work as a dual analog system (not using the triangle, square, x, and circle buttons) it could make some shooting games interesting and more enjoyable.

This looks like something I really want to try out, but I'm definitely as skilled as the creator of this.