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March 3, 2012 // 2:53 am - Following up on my previous post, below is a video demonstration for those interested dubbed PS Vita Crash CMA Debug Time via Xcode Execution.

I just released a fast small video to show the crash and freeze of the PlayStation Vita system using Xcode Execution. I also explain how to check every information coming from the CMA to PS Vita (debugger).

Below is a pastebin with tutorial and the video that show you something interesting.. As I promise and I do what I said

The tutorial to Debug CMA PS Vita Under MacOS and Xcode:

CMA Debugging PS Vita Under Xcode Execution Tutorial

You need a Dev account Apple to have Xcode that you can use your MacOSX under a Development Environment

1- Launch Xcode (Spotlight -> Xcode)
2- Create a Empty Project (MacOSX)
3- Enter whatever name on the Product Name (For Example PSV)
4- A new window appear, change command-line builds use Debug than release
5- Click on BreakPoints
6- On the top menu of the Xcode, choose Product and make a new scheme and name your new scheme psv for example, press ok
7- A new windows appear that you can edit your scheme on the left menu you can see RUN click on it and edit the run configutation build configuration -> Debug Executable (you need to choose the CMA.APP) for that, just click on None to Other and here you choose the CMA.APP Debugger, you can choose ever LLDB or GDB (choose by default GDB) Launch = Auto
8- Choose Diagnostics and here active every option Memory Management (malloc, Guard Malloc, Objective-C) Logging (Memory/execptions/Dyld) Debugger (Legacy->Stop on debugger and debugstr) Click OK (don't forget to active breakpoints before click Ok) click OK
9- Plug-in your PS Vita and Click on RUN (if you are connected in Wifi you just connect fast and disconnect)

Xcode/IO Framework, etc it's the best way to exploit the PS Vita under MacOSX and as you would see, the Sony have a strong access to your kernel system that i really don't appreciate and can control everything

The PS Vita use also NFS -> Network File System and Open Remote System File that ping pong between the PS Vita and Sony Server.

Hope that would help some smart dev And here the video that show you a example of what you can do

Some PS Vita user ask me the PS Vita Windows Driver that i made it's available on the older thread PS Vita 1.50 Firmware but I reuploaded the driver that you don't need to search

Download: PS Vita Driver (Nabnab)

Griever2Kx It's hope to you, if you want to use your PS Vita use it and update don't worry about the update right now, anyway FW 1.06 is a firmware with too much bug that give you some problem it's unstable and some app/game will not run correctly with this Firmware. It's more easy with 1.06 but also more unstable.

Video: PS Vita Crash CMA Debug Time via Xcode Execution Demo

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#5 - Nabnab - February 24, 2012 // 7:39 pm
Nabnab's Avatar
What are you talking about ? the part of webshare was discovery by me and explained by me on the video from over month ago
if you don't have anything to say, please don't post in this thread.

#4 - cfwprophet - February 24, 2012 // 5:55 pm
cfwprophet's Avatar
The part about the webshare is already known and was discovered weeks ago from some one else

#3 - mrlowalowa - February 24, 2012 // 5:51 pm
mrlowalowa's Avatar
Dude.. You are amazing and have too much time

Great work

#2 - Nabnab - February 24, 2012 // 4:55 pm
Nabnab's Avatar
Also about the PS Vita you remember i reveal few weeks ago/over month the method to access to the hidden system information on the PS Vita.. Sony Patched the method on 1.60/1.61

About the HBL i'm sorry to say that but it's already over (Sony will prevent this by updating soon the system to run only ARM native program and don't use anymore the MIPS Wrapper) 1.65/1.70 come soon

They didn't block the Debug and not sure they can block it

About the Transfer Files without CMA that i was showing on a youtube video.

-On MAC OS, use the Application Share and WebShare (or use a alternative on Windows)
-DNS Settings/Proxy server on your PS Vita -> Add the IP of your iMac/Macbook/hackintosh/Windows Computer
and put the files on your webshare that you want to transfer or show on your PS Vita
-Open the Navigator of the PS Vita and write the IP of your computer, press enter
and you would see all the files from your computer, you just need to click on it to transfer that on your PS Vita

(nothing related to the debug access etc...)

#1 - hacked2123 - February 24, 2012 // 3:31 am
hacked2123's Avatar
Amazing. Appears we are having better luck with the PSV than the PS3. I am looking to expand the knowledge of the PSV as well if you are interested in contacting me.