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March 3, 2012 // 3:53 am - Following up on my previous post, below is a video demonstration for those interested dubbed PS Vita Crash CMA Debug Time via Xcode Execution.

I just released a fast small video to show the crash and freeze of the PlayStation Vita system using Xcode Execution. I also explain how to check every information coming from the CMA to PS Vita (debugger).

Below is a pastebin with tutorial and the video that show you something interesting.. As I promise and I do what I said

The tutorial to Debug CMA PS Vita Under MacOS and Xcode:

CMA Debugging PS Vita Under Xcode Execution Tutorial

You need a Dev account Apple to have Xcode that you can use your MacOSX under a Development Environment

1- Launch Xcode (Spotlight -> Xcode)
2- Create a Empty Project (MacOSX)
3- Enter whatever name on the Product Name (For Example PSV)
4- A new window appear, change command-line builds use Debug than release
5- Click on BreakPoints
6- On the top menu of the Xcode, choose Product and make a new scheme and name your new scheme psv for example, press ok
7- A new windows appear that you can edit your scheme on the left menu you can see RUN click on it and edit the run configutation build configuration -> Debug Executable (you need to choose the CMA.APP) for that, just click on None to Other and here you choose the CMA.APP Debugger, you can choose ever LLDB or GDB (choose by default GDB) Launch = Auto
8- Choose Diagnostics and here active every option Memory Management (malloc, Guard Malloc, Objective-C) Logging (Memory/execptions/Dyld) Debugger (Legacy->Stop on debugger and debugstr) Click OK (don't forget to active breakpoints before click Ok) click OK
9- Plug-in your PS Vita and Click on RUN (if you are connected in Wifi you just connect fast and disconnect)

Xcode/IO Framework, etc it's the best way to exploit the PS Vita under MacOSX and as you would see, the Sony have a strong access to your kernel system that i really don't appreciate and can control everything

The PS Vita use also NFS -> Network File System and Open Remote System File that ping pong between the PS Vita and Sony Server.

Hope that would help some smart dev And here the video that show you a example of what you can do

Some PS Vita user ask me the PS Vita Windows Driver that i made it's available on the older thread PS Vita 1.50 Firmware but I reuploaded the driver that you don't need to search

Download: PS Vita Driver (Nabnab)

Griever2Kx It's hope to you, if you want to use your PS Vita use it and update don't worry about the update right now, anyway FW 1.06 is a firmware with too much bug that give you some problem it's unstable and some app/game will not run correctly with this Firmware. It's more easy with 1.06 but also more unstable.

Video: PS Vita Crash CMA Debug Time via Xcode Execution Demo

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#25 - D3mone - February 28, 2012 // 5:02 pm
D3mone's Avatar
Hi again Nabnab,

About my previous messages, if I was talking about dev it's because I'm a software engineer and I would like to participate and help if I can. I have lots of free time these days (no more work, long story and not the place to talk about it). Please try to reach me or give me a way to talk to you (live messenger, gtalk, etc).

See you soon,

#24 - Griever2kx - February 28, 2012 // 3:15 pm
Griever2kx's Avatar
I really appreciate your work. And yeah..the Dev's nowadays... there just want Fame or teasing other People the whole time. Where's the Time with Dark Alex... where Dev's work together and sharing things because we all have the same goal. To free the PS3 or Vita.

Thanks for your Infos

Off-Topic Question. Do you have some experiences in hacking the 3DS. Because it's hard to find an useful exploit...

#23 - Nabnab - February 28, 2012 // 1:43 pm
Nabnab's Avatar
First step of an exploit ? this is more than a first step of an exploit, i didn't start to work on it from yesterday. You would have any homebrew you want after exploiting the bootloader with for example a bootstrap. Sony can't fix and will never fix, because is under ARM architecture not even related to the software. Actually the CMA only work under a monitor mode.

I'm not teasing, i'm explaining and release my research and my works that you can find on pastebin most part can help
dev to figure out how to exploit the PS Vita under USB dev.

The USB debug trick ? you mean the key buttons was used for technical testing, they fix the trick, like the one for the hidden information, etc.. but i'm not talking about a trick in here.

Everyone will help me ? if you talk about the dev, i know some that don't want because too busy for that or other that with big ego and business don't know how to work together, the fact is that for a simple user you can't understand what going on my research, for a dev it's more than useful (big deal) that help a lot on for exploit the PS Vita system.

that don't change that much than a priority encryption with ARM architecture from smartphone.

#22 - cfwprophet - February 28, 2012 // 5:07 am
cfwprophet's Avatar
First you cant port a driver from higher fw's without having the keys for it. Then i allready asked some REAL dev's from scene which working on interesting stuff like psx and psp games for ps3 and they sayed that this is totally useless. They also have a vita and for sure are more skilled so peoples don't be too exited. About sony cant patch... uhmmm... what does team overflow sayed about there exploits and what have sony done ?

If some one of you really think sony cant patch this then well just wait.

And if you now want to know of which dev's i talk well... some one off the old gitbrew crew

#21 - Griever2kx - February 28, 2012 // 3:55 am
Griever2kx's Avatar
The problem on CFW 3.55 are the Vita Drivers. I don't know much about FW's above 3.70 and if there's a way to extract the Drivers and install them to 3.55. I ask KaKaRoTo by Time if there any Possibility... but what i read, this is useless as you already sait PS3 = just Host.

And if you have fully access to the Vita there should be a way, because as you say, the Vita control the transfer more than the PS3. Or we could work on an custom File Manager.

Okay but you've mentioned the Netflix app. I've already read some articles and people say that the App is buggy. It sometimes slow down ect... Have you take a closer look on the App already ?

Yeah, but you give us some hints how to probably get the Keys...

And Dualboot/Bootstrapping....hmm sounds good. I hope to see something soon from you

I take a look on my Vita tomorrow

#20 - D3mone - February 28, 2012 // 3:36 am
D3mone's Avatar
Hi Nabnab,

I'm happy that you discover the first step of an exploit, and I would love to see homebrews coming to Vita. If you say that Sony can't fix the USB Debug, stop your teasing and unveil the USB debug trick and everyone will have the chance to help you (as a developer, I will probably the first one).

#19 - Nabnab - February 27, 2012 // 4:28 pm
Nabnab's Avatar
It can't work 3.55 Firmware don't include the necessary driver to recognize the PS Vita, etc...

4.11 with a flasher will change anything because anyway you can't install PS Vita app that is not properly sign with your unique ID PS Vita Account, etc..

When you install a PS Vita App with the PS3, the PS3 go under a special mode that you don't have anymore access to the PS3 XMB, you control everything with the CMA Lite task background of the PS3 and the CMA from the PS Vita, it's more the PS Vita control the transfer than the PS3, the PS3 only call the PS Vita system to install PS Vita APP, kernel call to the PS3 system that lets you to control PS3/PS Vita transfer file.

If you talk about unit13, it's not a problem of a fail it's just the 3D engine need more optimisation, fix some memory access for decompressing textures, shaders,

About the USB Debug mode they can't fix, i was starting to making a pastebin with more explain about the PS Vita/Debug why it can't be fixed and why it's useful. i'm sure that have already many dev who know how to exploit it (the PS Vita = A smartphone)

I didn't check all but it seems that Netflix have also a similar problem (probably because the App was release a little bit too fast without checking everythings)

I'm pretty sure he was saying about the update of the PS Vita that for sure don't need that much security that already have, about the stuff of the SEN Store and Vita Game Card is different the Vita Card (memory card) it's a Micro m2 + Encryption (not sure if is the best but that go to far for me) nothing else than that but the Encryption is generated by the PS Vita system and save your Unique ID in cache that when you install a game or app you can only launch that with your system.

Actually is not the PS3 decrypt the PS Vita App, it's the PS Vita system when is connected to the PS3 system the PS3 system = Host

Now about the dump the keys, it's not my job i try to offer more than that, like i said dualboot/bootstrap and also a alternative app that you can use under Linux/MacOS to exploit the PS Vita more easily i'm not here yet but i have the more important to exploit it.

Take a look to my last pastebin that i hope will let you understand more

[Register or Login to view code]

#18 - Griever2kx - February 27, 2012 // 4:04 pm
Griever2kx's Avatar
So you mean that's the USB Debug Mode can't be fixed through a FW-Update. That's cool. And I heard that some other App's have a fail algo too. You know what i mean Please don't mention it, because Sony reacts really quick these days.

Does i have the same possibilities with an App who has an fail algo too since the Facebook app went offline ?

And he says that the PS3 can decrypt the new packages on firmware 4.00 which contains the new PS VITA PKG AES key for the PS3 PS VITA content exchange feature. This means we can decrypt and get the content of the PS VITA PKG files via a 4.00 PS3. Sadly there's no solution to re-encrypt it again, yet. But maybe we will find a way to do it. Or there will be a Way if the Jailbreak from Waninkoko appears out of the wild. We will see.

''the unique key of your PS Vita are save in a special cache on your Windows for example and as you can see if you check the key of CMA on your windows reg, you can find that the CMA work in read-only mode that you can't modify and only Sony can modified this (this is pretty illegal, it works like a spyware/malware that let Sony control your computer) anyway this can be fixed, check your reg''

#17 - mrlowalowa - February 27, 2012 // 3:57 pm
mrlowalowa's Avatar
But if you put it on your PS3 at a 3.55 firmware and update to 4.11 (only with an Flasher to downgrade) it should work.

Or In my case too because I'm on OFW 4.11 and have a waiting fb app at my xmb

#16 - playhard - February 27, 2012 // 3:23 pm
playhard's Avatar
that's cool tho..