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December 22, 2011 // 1:06 pm - Sony Social Media Manager Jeff Rubenstein has shared a video today demonstrating the new PlayStation controls in FIFA Soccer for the PS Vita handheld console.

To quote: EA's first foray onto the PlayStation Vita is a strong one, as the EA Sports team in Vancouver isn't just miniaturising the PS3 experience into a portable size, but refining the controls to take advantage of the new hardware. In this hands-on video, producer Matt Prior demonstrates what he calls "the most controllable version of FIFA ever."

As is quickly becoming standard practice when console franchises debut on the Vita, these touchscreen controls are optional. Yet I think longtime video footballers will find themselves using at least some of these new tricks pretty quickly, as they feel right at home.

I spent some time with this demo version of FIFA after the event, and I found myself toying around with the playable menu screen for a long time, just taking shot after shot on goal.

The accuracy of the rear touch shooting has won me over, and I look forward to hearing your impressions of it once it debuts in just a few short months.

Video: FIFA on PS Vita - Learn Soccer's New PlayStation Controls

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#2 - HieiYYH - December 23, 2011 // 12:27 am
HieiYYH's Avatar
i don't think you can compare those crap ds soccer games with this one, since it runs the FIFA engine (no other handheld does that) as the video explains. besides the superior hardware, can't wait to get my hands on vita.

#1 - HeyManHRU - December 22, 2011 // 10:43 pm
HeyManHRU's Avatar
They're acting like all this touch screen stuff is new, it seems like they haven't played Real football 2009 on the DS before. But the guy is right about how it can be annoying when you want to pass to a player but you pass somewhere else so the touch screen does have some good features.