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January 1, 2013 // 1:07 pm - Following up on the previous announcement, today Frostegater has released the CEF TN for PS Vita Firmware 2.02 and the UNO exploit with a video below of it running homebrew and game backups.

Download: CEF TN-C For The UNO Exploit on 2.02 / CEF 2.02 Source Code / 2.02 KXploit Source Code

From wololo's blog: Important update: it seems for the EU version, you need your console to be set to English language in order for the exploit to work. I'm sure Frostegater will look into this, but in the meantime, if you use the EU version, please switch your console language to English!

Happy new year again! We eventually got convinced to not wait any longer and release the files for Frostegater's port of Total_Noob's CEF for Vita Firmware 2.02.

As a reminder, this tool relies on an exploit in the PSP Game UNO. You must own a legit copy of the UNO game on your PS Vita Firmware 2.02 in order for this exploit to run. CEF will let you play PSP Homebrews and PSP backups on your Vita. It does not allow you to play pirated Vita games, or PS Vita native content. To summarize, CEF does what a CFW or a HEN would do on a PSP.

Installation / How to use

Installation and how to run are explained in the readme, but for the sake of it:

1. Extract the zip, and copy the folder that matches your version of the game (EU, JP, or US) to your content Manager PSAVEDATA folder. For example: My Documents/CMA/PSAVEDATA/1234567890abcdef/NPEH00020DATA00

2. It is recommended to install OpenCMA, although until Sony releases a new firmware, the regular CMA client is ok too

3. Copy the UNO savedata to your PS Vita with the content Manager

4. Run UNO on your PS Vita, and press X (or O) to continue, this should load the exploit

Finally, here is my video tutorial for the new CFW on PS vita 2.02 and the exploit game UNO (now pulled from PSN by Sony).

It shows everything: Installing the Exploit, Installing Homebrew, Installing Backups. Have fun

Update: ARK eCFW for the UNO exploit is now released, and to quote (via

Download: ARK For UNO 2.00-2.02

The PRO team (the people behind the PRO Custom Firmware, probably the most popular piece of software of the PSP scene these days) are back with a huge release: a PSP CFW for the Vita, running on the recently revealed UNO exploit. Codename: ARK

If you've been using the UNO exploit, ARK is basically an alternative to Total_Noob's CEF. At the core, ARK is a port of Pro CFW to the PS Vita, and seems to bring features that might be lacking in CEF. In particular, the Readme emphasizes the following:


  • PSX game support (soundless so far, our sound plugin is too glitchy for public use at the moment)
  • ISO/CSO game support
  • NoDRM Engine for decrypted dlc playback
  • MS-SpeedBoost (most noticable on games like soul calibur)
  • Stargate Game Patches (fixes several anti-cfw games)
  • Customizable Main Menu
  • Plugin support
  • Recovery support
  • ISO-cache support (speed up ISO gaming)

Some of you might remember a leak of some of Coldbird's work a few months ago, which led him to leave the scene. ARK is the project that was leaked back then (although the leak was encrypted, and therefore not usable), and that the Pro team decided to release today. I assume the decision was taken a while ago, but porting the existing work to the new firmware 2.02 might have taken some time.

Although I haven't tried this specific build, I was lucky enough to try early builds of the ARK project a few months ago, and overall I was impressed. Coldbird left the scene while he was in the middle of bringing sound support to PS1 games, so it is unclear if the sound plugin for PS1 will ever see the light of day, but independently of that, I am pretty sure ARK brings a nice new option to those of you looking for alternatives to CEF.

Credits for the ARK project are the following (from the readme):

  • Dark_Alex for the initial M33 CFW who guided us mentally through several CFW generations by giving good examples on how to patch Sony OFW.
  • VirtuousFlame: For the ISO Loading Code, Custom PSX EBOOT Support, PSPCipher and most of the CFW related code.
  • Coldbird: For Proshell, and all his CFW related code & Vita redesign of PROCFW.
  • Yosh: For the initial sceWlanGetEtherAddr leaked kxploit, yMenu, other kxploit related things and various pieces of code.
  • thecobra & frostegater: For precisions about this kxploit.
  • neur0n for his syscall execution in kernel mode, several bug fixes and other CFW related code.
  • ardi for his umd4homebrew to enable UMD in homebrews.
  • Zer01ne for the initial Uno exploit discovery.
  • All our testers.
  • And last but not least - Sony for making wonderful, however very locked down, portable gaming handhelds.

In order to install, just unzip the savedata matching your region to your CMA folder, and install the savedata using CMA, like you would install any other PSP savedata to your vita (more details in the readme). If you're on Windows, we recommend to use OpenCMA when you copy files to and from your vita.

To run ARK, once you've installed the Savedata to your Vita, just run UNO, and press "X" when asked to do so by the game, this should load the eCFW menu.

Coldbird's FTP for Vita is also a recommended tool to install once you're all set, to make copying backups and homebrews easier.

As I said, I haven't tested this build yet, so give the files a try, and post your comments here. In particular, I'm sure we'd all like to know how it compares to CEF

Important note: This release requires that you are running on a PS Vita with firmware 2.02 or lower. It also requires you to have a legit copy of the PSP game UNO installed on your Vita. UNO has been removed from the PSN by Sony a few days ago, so if you missed the exploit announcement and don't have the game on your Vita, you're out of luck, this release will not help you in that case.

Those of you enjoying CEF on the 2.02 Uno exploit will be happy to learn that the source code for both Frostegater's port of CEF, and the kxploit he used on top of the uno exploit are now available (linked above).

Update #2: According to joblabbo, Uno is back on PSN usa store and can be used again with the save exploit. To quote: "I manually upgraded from 1.81 to 2.02 and confirmed it still works. The PSP Game version is listed for $1."

Video: CEF TN PS Vita Firmware 2.02 UNO Exploit by Frostegater

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#19 - c1pr14n - February 4, 2013 // 11:10 am
c1pr14n's Avatar
hope good things will come

#18 - PS4 News - February 1, 2013 // 2:09 am
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on his previous VHBL exploit and Sony's PS Vita Firmware Update v2.05, Tomtomdu80 has now made available a demo video spotlighting a PS Vita Half Byte Loader for Firmware 2.05 below.

To quote: We announced last week that developer Tomtomdu80 got VHBL to run with a new user mode exploit. A few days ago, The Z published a video showing Tomtomdu80′s exploit running VHBL perfectly on PS Vita's latest firmware 2.05.

Firmware 2.05 patches both the user and kernel exploits used with UNO to run CEF and ARK. It's also been confirmed that the latest Sony firmware patches several kernel exploits that were all relying on the same pattern (security issues related to the kermit wlan implementation). Technically, the end user is back to square one if they are on firmware 2.05.

Thankfully, there are still lots of usermode exploits available in many psp games, and some of them can be used to port, if not a psp custom firmware (a kernel exploit would be required for that), at least VHBL.

VHBL is a Homebrew loader for the Vita running in the psp emulator. It offers overall less compatibility than a psp custom firmware, but is also less prone to flame wars between hackers and gamers, as it doesn't technically let people play pirated psp or vita games.

In the video below, The Z showcases Tomtomdu80′s port of VHBL running on a 2.05 PS Vita. The video shows the PS Vita running PSP filer (a file explorer / file manager) and Pokemon running on the GBA emulator gPSP.

Tomtomdu80 announced he would be releasing his port of VHBL when Sony releases a "meaningful" update, which might or might not be 2.05. We will of course keep you updated, by now you probably know how these exploits get released

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#17 - B4rtj4h - January 22, 2013 // 9:28 am
B4rtj4h's Avatar
What a prick... Only askin' for money...

#16 - PS4 News - January 21, 2013 // 10:37 pm
PS4 News's Avatar
Following up on the CEF TN release and XMB on PSVita news, today tomtomdu80 announced that he has found a new VHBL exploit for PS Vita Firmware v2.02 with a demonstration video below.

To quote via wololo's blog: A new user mode exploit has been found by user tomtomdu80.

What makes this user mode exploit different from others is that tomtomdu80 was able to port it to VHBL and has gotten quite good homebrew compatibility, not many exploits achieve this. Below is a video showing the exploit.

Before anyone starts saying things like “it’s fake” or “he’s moving the vita away blablabla”, let me tell you two things:

1- I personally confirm this exploit as I’ve tested it myself on my vita
2- he hides the vita in the video to prevent the game from being shown

I know most of you might be expecting a CFW, but lets be realistic for a second, no dev right now has the intention to release a kernel exploit. We would be very lucky if someone releases a user mode exploit to be used with the kernel exploit that got released recently, but once Sony will most likely patch that kernel exploit in the next firmware, we’ll probably have to go back to using VHBL. Let me know your thoughts on this.

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#15 - Ozz465 - January 14, 2013 // 12:23 am
Ozz465's Avatar
game got removed a while ago , so i'm guessing he going to have to wait , this time the game was up for a rather long time.

#14 - racer0018 - January 14, 2013 // 12:11 am
racer0018's Avatar
If it is the psp ver. Of the game you can send it to the vita. But if it is the ps3 ver. Of the game then it will not work. not sure if it is down from the store or not but if they didn't take it down then install it and you are good to go. But if it is down you will have to wait into they find another game.

#13 - Ozz465 - January 13, 2013 // 9:00 pm
Ozz465's Avatar
you can't , needs to be a legit version of UNO

#12 - demianxldc - January 13, 2013 // 8:29 pm
demianxldc's Avatar
i get ps vita, how can i run pkg UNO game?

i have uno in my ps3.

#11 - seeman - January 6, 2013 // 4:25 am
seeman's Avatar
just for all of you... the exploit is gone... you can't buy it anymore....

here's some lil news... the dev total_noob is looking for smb to help him port the xmb to the vita psp emulation

From Total_Noob (via

XMB on PSVita

Hey community,

I've just ported the PSP XMB to the PSVita.

It is still work in progress, only half of the functions are working, because there are too many complications. I'll continue further, because school will start soon. If you're a skilled developer (knowing reverse engineering and basics about the VSH) and you want to contribute on this project, so write me a message. But I'll only answer if you're a trusted developer!


#10 - Tidusnake666 - January 4, 2013 // 10:22 pm
Tidusnake666's Avatar
Didn't grab the hack this time on purpose - if you want psp isos so badly - buy second hand psp and enjoy all the world of psp homebrew & backups.

I was just tired to wait & buy every new game for the every firmware the vita has - sony has made a very smart move with their PS+ deals