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April 28, 2008 // 1:24 pm - Released in Japan, Sony's official PSP cradle is a magnificent thing of beauty. For those that want to use PSP as a mini-theatre of sorts will certainly want to snag this elegantly designed peripheral.

The remote will allow you to turn on your PSP, and control every function of the XMB.

For more images of the device, check it out over at PSP GadgetZ here.

Finally, a video can be seen here of it!

Sony's official PSP cradle is a thing of beauty!

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#5 - bchan009 - May 31, 2008 // 6:47 am
bchan009's Avatar
It looks like this is for a slim, which makes sense because they don't sell fat psps anymore.

This is kind of silly - the whole point of watching movies on psp is because you can cart it around. The dock makes it stationary. I might as well watch movies on my stationary 21" LCD monitor than the relatively tiny psp screen.

#4 - Sub27 - May 27, 2008 // 9:09 pm
Sub27's Avatar
You have a price for this cradle ? It's for PSP fat or slim ?

Sony is the best for accessories with logitech of course

#3 - ProsaCC - May 18, 2008 // 8:26 pm
ProsaCC's Avatar
Looks cool, might be a little to expansive for me but could see people buying these.

#2 - NikosLawyer - May 18, 2008 // 11:58 am
NikosLawyer's Avatar
Thats cool and everything, But i can't watch a movie on such a small screen. Maybe if i was put in the right environment, Like a long train journey.. but i drive so it won't ever happen.

#1 - DDNeos - May 3, 2008 // 9:36 pm
DDNeos's Avatar
For entertainment buffs, the PSP cradle seems like a winner.

However, it seems unnecessary to other utilizers of the PSP. I play PSP games casually and I don't see the need for buying a cradle. The visual quality of the PSP is enhanced and appealing to the eyes, but the quality on the television is much more affordable. I'm not meaning to belittle anyone, especially collectors, I'm just saying that the cradle might alienate some casual gamers.