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January 19, 2011 // 8:06 pm - Approximately two months passed since the last PlayStation Portable Firmware update, and today Sony's VP of Network Operations Americas Eric Lempel has announced that PSP System Software update version 6.37 is incoming.

Download: PSP Firmware 6.37 Update (US) / PSP Firmware 6.37 Update (EU) / PSPgo Firmware 6.37 Update (US) (PSP-N100x only)

While many suspect the latest PSP update will inevitably patch the recent PSP exploit present in version 6.35 and the resulting PSP 6.35 HEN alongside the PSP Signed Reflection, Sony simply states it will improve PlayStation Portable stability.

To quote: "Hi, everyone. A new PSP system software update, v6.37, will be released soon. This is a minor update that improves system software stability during use of some features."

Sony Updates PSP System Software to v6.37, Improves Stability

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#5 - supernapalm - January 20, 2011 // 3:40 am
supernapalm's Avatar
Just another cat and mouse round. Never gonna end with the PSP. Sony just don't want to give the impression they've given up.

#4 - lilgamer - January 20, 2011 // 3:20 am
lilgamer's Avatar
don't wanna risk it yet, i'm gonna wait a while and see how the new update turning out and do it later, haha, not in a rush... better safe than sorry...

#3 - tilla - January 20, 2011 // 3:17 am
tilla's Avatar
Not sure how they could patch the signed homebrew now if they wanted to, we'll see if anything comes of this.

#2 - daveribz - January 20, 2011 // 3:11 am
daveribz's Avatar
Private keys = unrestricted access forever

#1 - am33r007 - January 20, 2011 // 3:09 am
am33r007's Avatar
Yea right, I ain't updating.