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228w ago - Approximately two months passed since the last PlayStation Portable Firmware update, and today Sony's VP of Network Operations Americas Eric Lempel has announced that PSP System Software update version 6.37 is incoming.

Download: PSP Firmware 6.37 Update (US) / PSP Firmware 6.37 Update (EU) / PSPgo Firmware 6.37 Update (US) (PSP-N100x only)

While many suspect the latest PSP update will inevitably patch the recent PSP exploit present in version 6.35 and the resulting PSP 6.35 HEN alongside the PSP Signed Reflection, Sony simply states it will improve PlayStation Portable stability.

To quote: "Hi, everyone. A new PSP system software update, v6.37, will be released soon. This is a minor update that improves system software stability during use of some features."

Sony Updates PSP System Software to v6.37, Improves Stability

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#15 - OGroteKoning - 228w ago
OGroteKoning's Avatar
Update from
It’s been confirmed that the sukkiri exploit, and most likely the Kernel exploit used in the Hen have been patched. It’s also been confirmed that we can still run signed homebrews on 6.37.

#14 - bumfacekilla - 228w ago
bumfacekilla's Avatar
Well I have an old PSP 1000 and have a pandora battery so I tried this out knowing I could just restore a nand-dump. After updating to 6.37 I can confirm that the signed psp homebrew still works fine, but not HEN.

#13 - avojps24 - 228w ago
avojps24's Avatar
thanks, I'll give it a shot tonight, after work.

#12 - Jes03 - 228w ago
Jes03's Avatar
Anyone know where the downgrader is?

I'm on 6.35 and still trying to get back to 6.20

#11 - B4rtj4h - 228w ago
B4rtj4h's Avatar
No games require the update so far. So why bother updating? Online is possible through hack. (i believe... not that i am using it anyways)

#10 - aamir007 - 228w ago
aamir007's Avatar
no point updating there's nothing on 6.37 to update for. Might as well stay on 6.35 and enjoy homebrew

#9 - pasty745 - 228w ago
pasty745's Avatar
There is PSNLover plugin that allows PSN access. I have used it on 5.00m33-6, but it works with the GEN too. I haven't used it in a long time, so there is a chance it doesn't work anymore. The last time I used it I did sign-in to the network. But I kept getting an error when I tried to browse stuff.

It never said anything about needing a firmware update, just some numbered code. I don't play games with it online, so it may be possible that it will still work for that. Hope at least some part of that was helpful.

#8 - avojps24 - 228w ago
avojps24's Avatar
i have been away from the psp scene for a while anyone know if its possible for psn access on 5.50 gen-d or any other custom psp firmware, or retail. I know about home-brew enabler on 6.35, but i want games , and homebrew all in one, not just homebrew. thanks.

#7 - Jes03 - 228w ago
Jes03's Avatar
Everyone is doing that not just $ony. The homebrew devs took 2 years to make a hen for the GO. Well it was made but the bastards didn't want to release it.

And as for a CFW for the PSP it ended at 5.00M33 as nobody else can make one. IF GEN could make their own they would've released 6.xxGEN which they never did.

And from 6.35 to 6.37, thats just a patch to block homebrew/hen, nothing else. If it was going to be something added it would've been 6.40 or if its really big it'll be 6.50

#6 - popshopadop - 228w ago
popshopadop's Avatar
yeah sony will be like screw the psp and move on, which they kind of are but nothing new has officially released.