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March 4, 2010 // 12:41 pm - SCEE Digital Comics Team Designer Pete Stott has revealed the Sony PSP Digital Comics Store update for this week.

To quote: Suddenly... there were over 1000 comics. Yes that's right there are now over 1000 comics available via the PlayStation Network Digital Comics store! I was going to say gotta catch 'em all, but I understand someone else got there first.

On to this week's highlights:

Marvel introduces us to the first ever appearance of Iron Man in Tales of Suspense (1963). Plus they have more Wolverine and X-Men.

IDW releases the second Army of Two comic and we see the first of a new series "Weekly World News". Written by Chris Ryall with art by Alan Robinson, Weekly World News is a 4 part mini series inspired by the famous American tabloid. It also comes with some great audio commentary, read an interview with Chris here.

Star Trek fans are in for a treat with the beautiful Star Trek: Nero which is set in the 25 years between the movie's opening sequence and the rise of James T. Kirk.

Locke & Key continues to be the first comic I download and read each week, I highly recommend it. Also, I hear it on good authority that the next series will come with audio commentary which I'm really looking forward to.

Finally some good news for Red 5 fans, we have received another shipment of comics so look out for them soon on the store.

Here's the list:

• Army Of Two #2 - IDW 17+
• Donald Duck and the Unexpected Guest - Disney 3+
• Donald Duck in "Gone With The Wind" #2 - Disney 3+
• Dreamland Chronicles #1 - IDW 3+
• Locke & Key: Head Games #4 - IDW 15+
• 2000AD Prog #1669 - IDW 17+
• Scrooge McDuck and the Haunted Cellphone - Disney 3+
• Star Trek: Nero - IDW 12+
• Tales of Suspense (1963) #39-#53 - Marvel 3+
• Transformers #2 - IDW 9+
• Transformers: All Hail Megatron #14 - IDW 12+
• Transformers: Lost In Space #1 (UK & Ireland only) - Titan 3+
• Transformers: Tales of the Fallen #1 - IDW 9+
• Ultraheroes #2: Brain and Muscle - Disney 3+
• Weekly World News #1 (includes audio commentary) - IDW 17+
• Wolverine (2003) #50-#55 - Marvel 15+
• X-Men (2004) #199-204 - Marvel 9+
• X-Mickey 8: The Glove - Disney 3+

To see the prices in your currency please visit

Sony PSP Digital Comics Store Update for March 4, 2010

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