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February 20, 2012 // 10:12 pm - Following up on the previous update, today Sony Network Entertainment VP Eric Lempel has announced that PS Vita System Software update v1.61 is incoming with details below on it, as follows:

Download: PS Vita 1.61 Firmware Update (USA) / PS Vita v1.61 Recovery System Data (USA) / PS Vita v1.61 Recovery PreInstall Data (USA) / PS Vita 1.61 Firmware Update (JPN)

According to teck4, PS Vita Firmware 1.61 doesn't patch the current PlayStation Vita exploit which is indeed still alive and good news for homebrew fans.

To quote: Now that some of you early adopters have PlayStation Vita in your hands, we're going to begin keeping you posted on any changes to system software here on PlayStation Blog.

In preparation for Wednesday's wide release of PS Vita, tonight we're making System Software Update (v1.61) available for download. If you are just turning on your PlayStation Vita for the first time, this update will add the following features:

• A new application, (Maps), has been added to the home screen.
• In addition to photos, you can now take videos using the Photo application.
• You can now publish stories about the products that you rate in PlayStation Store to Facebook.
• In near, players' information is now displayed on the Discoveries screen. On this screen, a list of the online IDs of up to 100 players that you have encountered, and the number of times that you encountered each player, are displayed. Tap an online ID to display that player's profile screen.
• The Mac OS version of Content Manager Assistant for PlayStation has been released. The Windows version has also been updated.

You can download Content Manager Assistant from here. Refer to the Web site to find out how to install the application.

If you have already updated your PS Vita to 1.60, 1.61 will improve certain aspects of the system software.

There are a few ways to update the firmware on your PS Vita:

• Select "System Update" under the "Settings" menu and download the firmware directly to your PS Vita over Wi-Fi.
• Connect your PS Vita to a PS3 or a PC/Mac and update via Content Manager.

Sony PS Vita System Software Update v1.61 Arrives, Detailed

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#15 - Skaty - April 13, 2012 // 11:40 pm
Skaty's Avatar
thank you, i hope this is work.

#14 - Kenren - April 9, 2012 // 5:03 pm
Kenren's Avatar
I can confirm it worked for me to bypass the 1.66 update ! So thanks technodon !

The only thing I changed is this step "type var and in the value box type 01610000" where instead of 1610000 I wrote 01660000, that's all !

#13 - gfour - April 8, 2012 // 11:02 pm
gfour's Avatar
for me too please!

#12 - ConsoleDev - April 8, 2012 // 9:34 pm
ConsoleDev's Avatar
Thank you for the tip technodon

(Off-Topic: Can you reupload the .pkg file of Motorstorm Artic Edge please?)

#11 - gfour - April 8, 2012 // 9:28 pm
gfour's Avatar
does this work to bypass the vita 1.66 update, if yes how? thanks

#10 - 87k - February 28, 2012 // 9:01 pm
87k's Avatar
Thank you - but without stating the obvious I am new to the scene and I wasn't sure what context the search would be under.

#9 - CJPC - February 28, 2012 // 9:00 pm
CJPC's Avatar
A quick google search turned up here:

#8 - 87k - February 28, 2012 // 8:55 pm
87k's Avatar
Silly question but I have searched the download section for Charles and there isn't any link.

Can you please tell me where I can download from please?

#7 - technodon - February 28, 2012 // 1:46 pm
technodon's Avatar
download and install charles

open cmd and type ipconfig /all and make a note of your computers IPv4 address.

on your playstation vita select use proxy server and type your computres IP address and select port 8888 (charles default)

turn your vita console off then open charles when you power on your vita you should see a link for right click on psp2-updatelist.xml and select edit then select the Query String Tab and click add in the name box type var and in the value box type 01610000 then you can bypass vita updates and connect online see pictures

i forgot to mention that you need to click on execute

you need this its a modified version of psp2-updatelist.xml in charles right click the press map to local file. i changed the version numbers from 01.600.000 to 01.000.000

#6 - moja - February 23, 2012 // 2:36 am
moja's Avatar
So, after playing with my new wifi unit, I can see a few issues I would like addressed by the next patch. Overall, though, I believe they put a lot more thought into this launch than the PSP. I really think they made an effort here, and it shows.

BTW, Sony, please fix the constant wifi drops.