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February 21, 2012 // 11:56 pm - Today Scott Rhodes of Sony Worldwide Operations was asked in an interview with how they are combating piracy on the PS Vita platform, who responded that proprietary PlayStation Vita Game Cards are currently being used.

Below is an excerpt from the interview with the details, to quote: "Sony's been very, very open about the fact that piracy really hurt the PSP, so I was wondering if you could dive into a little bit about the efforts you've put into preventing that this time.

SR: That was front and center in the early specs of this machine. We needed to have something that would combat piracy from day one, and that's why the cards that you can purchase for the games are in their own proprietary format.

And these days, so many people say the word "proprietary" is a bad word, but it's something that we felt was completely necessary to make sure that people could not pirate these games. I mean, it's a custom security solution on each one of these cartridges. That is something that we are confident will protect us from piracy for the long term."

Sony on Combating Piracy with PS Vita Proprietary Game Cards

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#4 - spunkybunny - February 22, 2012 // 10:56 am
spunkybunny's Avatar
They said the same about UMDs and look how long it took till they were copied.

I give it by Christmas this year the Vita will be running CFW and backups. If not then the Vita scene will be as pathetic as the PS3 scene. Lets hope for the first option.

I refuse to buy a Vita until 1 of two things. 1, $ony unban my account. 2, Hitman comes to Vita. I doubt I'll ever own a Vita. It'll be the first console I dont own. It is now the first console I haven't gotten on launch day.

#3 - niwakun - February 22, 2012 // 9:04 am
niwakun's Avatar
cartridge = electronics

electronics = hackable and electronics can be cloned unlike pressed discs

#2 - ZerotakerZX - February 22, 2012 // 8:19 am
ZerotakerZX's Avatar
Memcards are expensive crap also to combat piracy?

#1 - GrandpaHomer - February 22, 2012 // 8:09 am
GrandpaHomer's Avatar
Sure ... sure ... and now the one about Red Riding Hood ... PR crap and greed - nothing else. The same goes with DRM ridden proprietary mem cards.